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Dean’s Excuses

Rules Governing Dean’s Excuses, As Explained in the Yale College Programs of Study Section on “Work Missed During the Term”:

This is meant as a quick guide to the Dean’s Excuse so that you know when it is appropriate to ask for one, but always come see me if you have any questions or doubts about whether your particular situation qualifies for a Dean’s Excuse.

What the Dean’s Excuse covers:

The dean’s excuse can extend work such as essays, quizzes and tests during the regular term time.

It does not cover attendance.

When to ask for a Dean’s Excuse:
  1. Death in the family 
  2. Incapacitating illness 
  3. Comparable emergency 
  4. Off-campus varsity competition 
  5. Observance of religious holy days 

Dean’s Excuses can only be issued within a reasonable period of time after the emergency or conflict, and therefore it is crucial that you inform me right away. In any of the five cases above, let me know as soon as you are able (a quick email or call will do) so that I am aware of your situation and can help out if you’re running into trouble.

You can access the Dean’s Excuse form in the section below. You can fill one out prior to coming to see me, or do so at my office.

Please note:
Instructors can grant extensions any time during the term on their own authority, but everything changes at the end of the term. Extensions that go beyond the last day of reading period on any given term for any outstanding work or for make-up examinations can be issued only by the residential college dean. Without written permission from me to extend work past these deadlines, you risk receiving a failing grade for the course.

Dossier Service

The Ezra Stiles Dean’s office will keep a “placement file” for you of letters of recommendation that you have solicited from instructors and others. These letters remain available to you while at Yale and also after your graduation. When you want these letters to be sent, on your instructions, the office will forward photocopies of your letters to the person or institution that you designate. 

Please note:
Letters for use in connection with applications to medical school must not be sent to the dean’s office, but only to the office of the Health Professions Advisory Board at Undergraduate Career Services, 55 Whitney Avenue, where the appropriate evaluation forms may be obtained. 

Click here ( for more detailed information and guidelines on requesting letters of recommendation.