Graduate Affiliates 2017- 2018

Asia Brown

Asia Brown is a second year Master of Public Health and Master of Divinity. She graduated from Yale in 2016 and is excited to become part of the Stiles family! She’s originally from New York, but is calling New Haven her home for the 6th year. Asia loves photography, cooking/baking, singing (especially with the Yale Gospel Choir), and dancing–you can usually catch her doing at 1-2 of those activities at any given time. Asia is passionate about using her love for people to help them access health care. Feel free to reach out if you want to make something delicious, get a headshot,  make some music or talk health or faith! 

Bianca Dang

Bianca is a second year Ph.D. student in African American Studies and History. Originally from Missouri, she has become a Californian at heart. She received her B.A. in History from Stanford University in 2013 and while there spent a lot of her time working in the Bridge Peer Counseling Center and running around in co-ops. When not reading, she enjoys cooking large meals, rock climbing, and doing crossword puzzles. Her work looks at questions of citizenship in the nineteenth century, with a particular focus on how African American emigration movements to the Caribbean and to Africa reflected particular ideas about belonging and possibility. She welcomes any questions about her work/interests/or anything else you may want to talk about!

Arash Fereydooni

Arash is a third year medical student, graduated Yale in 2015 with a BS and MS in MCD Biology, and was a proud stilesian. Though he hails from Southern California, he has weirdly been okay with New Haven’s bipolar weather for the past five years. He is interested in surgery, academic medicine and social justice issues and enjoys hiking, reading non-fictions, playing soccer, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. He is very excited to be rejoining the Stiles community.

Mansur Ghani

Mansur Ghani is a medical student from Los Angeles, CA. He’s a proud Moose (class of ’14) who studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry as an undergrad. He’s passionate about global health and his projects have taken him to Malaysia, Turkey, Ecuador and more. When not traveling, Mansur is an avid Astronomy enthusiast and would love to organize a stargazing study break as a graduate affiliate. Feel free to chat with him about the newly founded Space Medicine Interest Group or really anything at all! 

Alycia Hall

Alycia is a second year Ph.D student in African American Studies and History. One of five children born in New York to Jamaican parents she began her college career at a small liberal arts college called Mount Holyoke College. After two years, her interest in pursuing a career in the medical field waned as she realized she was terrible at all her science classes. Eventually she would transfer to the City College of New York where she won the Mellon Mays Fellowship and graduated in 2016 with her B.A. and M.A. in history. Alycia has excitedly been researching the history of Jamaica, in particular she is interested in understanding how maroon communities navigated a changing social, political, and economic world as Jamaica transitioned from slavery to free labor. When not overwhelmed by reading, research, and writing papers, Alycia likes to watch movies, bake, play with her animals and go out to eat with friends. 

Dandan Ji

Dandan is a fifth-year PhD student in the Physics Department, working on fluid dynamics. She grew up in northern China, home of Shaolin martial arts. Besides science, she loves to travel and experience new things. She recently came back from a 2-month trip to India. Other than that, she enjoys watching NBA, playing squash at PWG, and running in East Rock. Given that she went to college in China, she would love to learn more about college life in the US. She’s thrilled to be a graduate affiliate at Stiles. Feel free to reach out to her via email, if you have any questions.

Mohammad Khan

Mohammad Khan is from Boynton Beach, Florida. He is currently getting his Ph. D in Molecular, Cellular, & Development Biology . Mohammad is very engaged with breakdancing, a relatively young dance originating in the urban settings of New York. Though breakdancing is a globally prevalent dance form, it is still misunderstood by many. As a graduate affiliate, he intends to explore the world of breakdancing, from its origins to the meaning it takes on today for dancers around the world.

Wonji Kim

Wonji Kim is a second year Master’s student at the Divinity School, interested academically in the intersections between culture, mental health, and religion. Wonji is from everywhere: he was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but is a South Korean citizen who majored in Chemistry at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He is planning on adjusting into Korean life upon graduation by serving in the military as an interpreting officer and then entering into either the management consulting or the journalism industry, so feel free to talk to him about any of these career paths. He is excited at the prospect of interacting with undergraduates at Ezra Stiles!

Megann Licskai

Megann grew up outside of London, Ontario on a farm with horses, chickens, and corresponding barn chores. She moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to complete her undergraduate studies at the University of King’s College, where she read a lot of books and accidentally discovered a love for the history of science. Now that she is in her 3rd  year in HSHM at Yale, Megann reads even more books but is still enamoured with the field. She is interested in reproductive justice, particularly looking at abortion (access to, attitudes about) in the decades after Roe v. Wade. When not elbow-deep in reading, Megann is probably walking, writing letters, binge-watching TV, or thinking about food. She is passionate about mentorship, care packages, and poutine, and could not be more excited to be the head grad affiliate at Stiles this year.

Jana Lohrova

Jana is a second year Master’s student in epidemiology at School of Public Health and proud Stilesian of 2016. When not learning about all sorts of plagues, she can be found singing with Yale Slavic Chorus, doing Bulgarian and Irish folk dancing, nerding out about sea chanteys or LOTR, or binge-watching CrashCourse. Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, she’s always down to chat about all things American vs European: healthcare, public transit, recycling, education systems - you name it! As a grad affiliate with the Moose herd, Jana is excited for crashing in the Stibrary, keeping the sacred tradition of TV premieres study breaks, and raiding other colleges at Medieval (K)night!

Viveca Morris

Viveca Morris is a joint-degree graduate student at Yale SOM and Yale FES. She wants to spend her career building a more humane and compassionate society for animals and people. Viveca graduated from Yale College in 2015 as a Stiles Moose and is interested in environmental challenges, network science, entrepreneurship, animal cognition and behavior, food production and the power of storytelling. She’s delighted to be part of Stiles again! Her areas of expertise include enthusiastic appreciation of Yale squirrel mischief, learning important life lessons from dogs, and working from her office, er I mean, Blue State. 

Joel Ong

Joel is an astronomy graduate student from sunny Singapore, doing research on asteroseismology and radial velocity instrumentation for exoplanet detection. He earned his B Sc. degree from the National University of Singapore, doing research on general relativity (wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff IN SPACE). As an undergraduate, he was part of the Ezra Stiles community while a visiting international student, and liked it so much that he decided to come back to Yale. Joel also likes food. A lot. When not doing science, you can probably find him in a kitchen somewhere. Maybe one day he might cook for you!

Maryam Ivette Parhizkar

Maryam was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but has made New York City and Jersey City adoptive homes in adulthood. She earned a B.A. in English from Columbia University, and an M.A. in Liberal Studies from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, with work experience as an arts administrator, music teacher and small press editor. A second-year PhD student in African American Studies and American Studies at Yale, she is interested in migration in U.S. cities throughout the 20th century, and the creative and political exchanges between African American and other migrant culture-makers. Maryam is also a poet and violist, and keeps her ears out for to all kinds of music in and out of New Haven––from chamber music  and avant-garde jazz to soul, folk, cumbia, hip-hop and post-punk. She is also an avid experimenter of Persian and Latin American cooking, and happy to talk to Stiles students about any of these interests and experiences!

Michael Parker

Michael is a sixth year PhD student in the Department of Immunobiology at Yale. His research interests include the evolutionary interplay between viruses and the immune system, the ways in which viruses evade the immune system, and the mechanisms of sensing of viruses by the host cell. Growing up in rural central Pennsylvania, Michael has always loved the outdoors and is always looking for ways to get some fresh air. He is an accomplished distance runner and enjoys playing other sports at every opportunity. Michael attended college at Millersville University of Pennsylvania in Lancaster, PA where he earned a B.S. in biology with minors in Chemistry and Studio Art. A fifth year GA at Stiles, Michael looks forward to participating in the strong intramural sports program, planning outdoor and service activities for students, and mentoring STEM students in how to apply for and receive research funding for graduate school.

Cera Smith

Cera is a second year PhD student in African American Studies and English. Originally from Southern California, Cera earned a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing from California State University Long Beach where they focused on radical protest literatures of the U.S., especially those by writers of color from the 20th and 21st centuries. Now, their work focuses on the ways that Black literatures expose processes of race-making as well as how racialization is chronicled, interpreted, upheld, and/or resisted through the racialized body. Outside of school, Cera enjoys swing and tango dancing, getting to know people, organizing with local social justice organizations, and perusing the “free” section on Craigslist.

Maile Speakman

Maile is an Oregonian, lover of Super Nintendo, critical theory nerd, and ex-roller derby queen. As an American Studies PhD student, she spends her time researching an alternative media network in Cuba called el paquete semanal. She also studies telecommunications infrastructure, informal markets, and U.S. imperialism in Cuba. Before studying at Yale, Maile received a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology from Lewis & Clark College and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Tulane University. Outside of the ivory tower, she has worked as an ESL teacher for Portland Public Schools and for the Ministry of Education of Spain. In her free time, Maile enjoys riding her bicycle, discovering new cities, looking at the ocean, and collecting colorful stationary.

Monique Flores Ulysses

Monique is a second year Mexican/Cypriot Ph.D. student in the Department of History. She grew up on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples in Victoria, BC, completing her B.A. in History and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, and her M.A. in History from McGill University. Monique is a cultural historian of 20th c Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Indigenous peoples as related to American Empire, settler colonialism, music, fashion, physical culture, and la frontera. Although this bio makes it sound like all she does is school-related things, Monique also worked for almost ten years in the service industry and spends her free time reading, watching TV, cooking, playing the guitar, hanging out under trees, and filling her online shopping carts with things she’s never going to buy. Feel free to contact her about anything you might need!