Sustainability Service Corps

The Sustainability Service Corps (SSC) is committed to promoting the balance of People, Planet

and Prosperity within the Yale College experience.

The SSC consists of four teams:

  1. The Compost Crew promotes waste minimization in the Colleges and at events
  2. The Energy Squad works toward energy awareness and conservation
  3. Green Events Consultants help events across Yale meet sustainable event standards set by the Office of Sustainability
  4. The College Sustainability Coordinators represent each residential college and serve to implement Yale College-wide sustainability initiatives, as well as residential college-specific sustainability projects. Learn more about the specific team projects.

Yale College Projects

Eli Exchange: The Eli Exchange program allows students to leave their gently used clothes or
take anything they like. In Ezra Stiles, the Eli Exchange is located in the laundry machine by
the buttery. Please no socks or underwear!

Dining Hall Return: All students are encouraged to return their borrowed dining hall dishes in
this bin located in the nook outside the dining hall. Please help ensure that the dining hall does
not need to buy new dishes every semester; help them spend their money on more tasty treats.

Universal Waste: Electronic waste cannot be disposed of with normal trash. Please place all
electronic items in the Universal Waste/Technoscrap bin, located in all trash rooms.

Single-Stream Recycling: Yalies can recycle Plastics (1-7) as well as paper products and cans
in the same recycling bins. Stile’s recycling containers are located in every trash room. Break
down cardboard boxes and place them next to the recycling bins.

Composting: Every residential college dining hall composts all food waste. The Compost Crew
assesses the effectiveness of these waste diversion streams.

Events: Every event can be greener! If you want to know how to make an event you are
planning more sustainable please contact the head of the Green Events Team, Matthew Chalkley.

Energy: New stickers are being distributed on all heating units. Refer to these instructions or
ask your Facilities Superintendent if you are unsure of how to adjust the heat in your room.

Sustainability Suggestions

  • Recycle your Solo cups!
  • Turn your lights off when you leave a room.
  • Turn the water off when not using it. By reducing your shower length by 4 minutes every day, you would save 3,650 gallons every year.
  • Turn off your computer and other electronics at night.