First-Year Counselors 2019-2020

Hafsa Abdi

Hafsa hails from the ever-green Woodbridge, Virginia. If you can’t find her enjoying the food and company in the Stiles dining hall, she is almost definitely in studio at the Yale School of Architecture, binge-watching crime shows while making tiny trees for her models.

She LOVES the time she spends working in the Stiles Head of College office, and she is passionate about collecting gear and refilling the candy bowl. In addition to being an Aide, Hafsa enjoys supporting the arts on campus as a Peer Mentor in the Office of Undergraduate Production.

Hafsa spent much of her first and second year at Yale set designing, technical directing, and production officer-ing for the Yale Dramat. She loves to keep her theater habits alive by seeing one of the many shows happening on Yale’s campus each (and we mean every) week.

She has spent the last two years working on a Human Rights Curriculum for Hope Village, a refugee community just outside Mogadishu, Somalia. Hafsa is excited to continue her work on the curriculum this year by coordinating its pilot program at the Somali National University.

Hafsa’s love of making extends far beyond building models. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, embroidery, knitting (thanks to the spectacular Stiles Knitting Circle), decoupage, and pottery.

Hafsa is beyond excited to craft, laugh, grow with you… Ezra Stiles class of 2023! Welcome to the herd!

Thomas “Tommy” Atlee

Tommy is a native Angeleno majoring in Economics with an interest in Urban Studies. On campus, he has worked in Ezra Stiles College Office and Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Tommy is also a member of CITY Yale (Yale undergraduates’ urban studies group), Chi Psi fraternity, and the sports-fan group The Whaling Crew. You can catch him running on Science Hill, binge-watching the latest HBO drama, or drawing up crazy startup ideas for the business that will make him a bazillionaire. He is so excited to be spending this year on Old Campus with the Class of 2023!

Jackson Cole

Jackson is from Dallas and is proud to be born and raised a Texan. Majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, he is very interested in ensuring that all students have educational opportunities to succeed, and he hopes to eventually become a teacher back in Dallas. During his time at Yale, Jackson has worked in the Ezra Stiles Head of College Office, has been involved with an athletic spirit group called the Whaling Crew, and is a member of the Chi Psi fraternity at Yale. The Ezra Stiles FroCo team made a very positive impact on Jackson’s life in his first year, and he looks forward to spending his next year alongside the class of 2023 - go moose! 

Marlee Kelly

Marlee grew up in Pine Ridge, South Dakota and is a member of the Oglala (Lakȟota) Sioux Tribe. She studies contemporary Native American literature in the English Department. Aside from classes, she is an extremely lowkey member of the Association of Native Americans at Yale (ANAAY) and a student worker at the Yale Center for British Art. Marlee has spent her sophomore and junior years working as a Peer Liaison for the Native American Cultural Center. When not at the NACC or YCBA, you can find her in the dining hall or buttery, or alternatively, on the street, on her way to get coffee. If you see her feel free to say ‘hi’ and ask what she’s listening to, she can almost guarantee it’s going to be Taylor Swift (to which she knows every word) or some mid-2000s, pop punk hit (i.e. Panic! at the Disco).

As a first generation, low income student, Marlee is passionate about making Yale an accessible place, offering the college student wisdom she has gained, and is excited about welcoming the Class of 2023 to Stiles (read: the best college)!!

Marcelina Kubica

As a Canadian-American-Pole, Marcelina was born with a craving for learning new languages, sharing in meals with different communities, learning from those who surround her, and dancing to all the rhythms of the Earth. She grew up living in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, spent a gap year after high school in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and now studies Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale. However, her love of people and nature means STEM is only a part of what she does here. As a student, she’s also very interested in anthropology and learning more languages. Outside of the classroom, Marcelina keeps to her mountain origins by being involved in FOOT, Yale Outdoors, and Yale Climbing Team. She also plays the violin in Davenport Pops Orchestra, partakes in a lot of faith spaces, and works within the New Haven community as a Community Health Educator and HAVEN Free Clinic volunteer. On the weekends, Marcelina can usually be found sipping on a hot drink in a cafe, scrambling up rocks, or basking in the sunshine. 

Marcelina welcomes you warmly to our community of Moose. Her tea-stash is ready for relaxing, her recipe book is open for shared cooking, and her playlist is queued for dancing. So… come dance in the sun with me class of 2023! 

Hannah Lee

Hannah grew up in the busy metropolitan city of Daejeon, Korea, but also spent half of her childhood surrounded by corn in Columbus, Ohio. Getting the best of both worlds at Yale as well, Hannah is double-majoring in Anthropology and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Currently, she is studying the healthcare system in Puerto Rico, as well as doing laboratory research on the immunology at the maternal-fetal interface. One of Hannah’s fondest memories at Yale is pulling off the BEST dance event, Ezra Gala, with the best team on Earth: the Stiles Student Activities Committee. She also finds many of her communities in Korean American Students at Yale (KASY) and by organizing with Students Unite Now (SUN). You can often spot her happily skateboarding (and falling) down Science Hill and scouting around the campus for great (free) food with friends. Hannah’s love language is saying the best jokes at the wrong time, so she dearly hopes that the Class of 2023 is ready for all the love!

Annabelle Pan

Hello, I’m Annabelle! I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, a city with a lot of wonderful people and a truly impressive amount of corn. Here at Yale, I spend much of my time studying and doing research in Environmental Engineering, dabbling in plebeian philosophy, and becoming more comfortable and expressive with my pre-med identity. Two of my favorite spaces I have been a part of are Yale-Engineers Without Borders, where we plan and execute small-scale development projects overseas, and the New Haven Urban Debate League, where we coach local high schoolers in debate and run tournaments for them. In more informal settings, I also love exploring odd corners of campus, cooking ambitious recipes in others’ kitchens, and making mediocre pottery and paintings for friends. But my favorite activity is probably learning about others’ stories, be it through conversations in dining halls and on broken futons at three in the morning, splurge-buying and inhaling used books, or listening to Spotify (have you checked out their podcasts?). Class of 2023, I am so excited to learn about your stories and to welcome you into Stiles, the BEST residential college! GO MOOSE!!

Max Schlenker

Max grew up in Deep Gap, North Carolina with dogs, cats, horses, and chickens and now studies History, with a focus in social change and social movements. During his time at Yale, Max has worked at the Office of Gender and Campus Culture, the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and Yale Law School. In addition to dancing on Yale’s one and only step team, he also plays flute in his spare time. Max loves world languages, Instagram, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Ezra Stiles, the best residential college at Yale! As a Froco, Max is looking forward to an amazing year with the class of 2023.