Welcome to Ezra Stiles College!

Welcome Ezra Stiles 2018! Welcome New Stilesians!

Congratulations! The sorting hat has placed you in the college of moose, vikings, wood-brick pizza, artists, international students, IM superstars … and many of the best people on campus. We can’t wait to meet you in August, and we hope you’ll bring your energy and excitement to this place when you arrive. In the meantime, we hope you’ll explore the various pages on this website, our tumblr, our Facebook pages (here and here), and the freshman counselor page. If you’re thinking about sending packages to New Haven, you’ll find information here.

One quick request: Please activate and check your Yale e-mail account so that you will receive important messages over the summer. You will find the instructions here.

One Love, One Moose!!!

Stephen Pitti

Master of Ezra Stiles


Congratulations to the Ezra Stiles Class of 2014!!!

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