Crescent Underground Recording Studio

I. The Crescent Underground Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art facility with priorities in the following areas:

  1. Teaching student recording engineers and encouraging their potential projects
  2. Providing access to quality recording opportunities for independent student music groups
  3. Providing a cheaper studio alternative for official student groups working on ongoing recording projects (e.g., a cappella groups, etc.)

II. Set-up and Inventory
The CURS has two computers equipped with Protools 7 and Protools 8, connected to a Digi002. The newest computer also has Reason, MIDI capabilities, Logic Express, and internet access. The studio also has 2 SM57s, a Baby Bottle (Blue) mic, two vocal mics, an electric drumset, a full keyboard, multiple amps, as well as a variety of cables. The studio set-up is capable of recording up to 8 live tracks at once.

III. Contact
For more information about the studio, please contact the studio managers, Sofia Campoamor (MC ‘19) and Andrew Lingenfelter (MC ’ 19). Team applications will be emailed to Morse and Stiles students at the beginning of fall term. Training sessions will be organized throughout the term.

IV. The Process
I want to use the Studio!
What do I do?

I am a(n)…

… Independent musician, performing artist, etc., who would like to record something using the CURS.

  1. Contact any of the engineers on the engineer team (listed outside the studio and online). Describe your project in your email, in detail.
  2. If an engineer is available and interested, he/she will contact you to arrange a recording date.
  3. Your engineer will send you a copy of the ‘musician-hiring-engineer’ contract to facilitate payment, if necessary (some engineers may be willing to do some projects for free), as well as a copy of studio guidelines.
  4. Meet, record, and expect an edited track back to you soon enough!
  5. Pay by the end of the week in which you receive your track (if applicable).

… Business manager for an official musical group such as an a cappella group, official undergraduate organization, etc.

  1. Contact the studio director to let him/her know that you are interested in recording an extensive project using the space.
  2. Read over the studio guidelines (available online and in the Head of College Offices).
  3. Arrange a meeting between the professional engineer on the project (if there is no professional engineer, you may be asked to hire a CURS engineer to sit in on your project) and the studio director.
  4. Lay down dates and times to reserve the space, sign the appropriate contract.
  5. Record away!
  6. Provide rental payment by the end of each calendar month for that month’s use.

… Morse or Stiles student who is interested in studio engineering and would like to join the engineering team at CURS.

  1. Contact the studio director.
  2. Come to a training session!
  3. Apply to be a part of the team.
  4. Sit in on at least 4 hours of a current engineer’s work—both recording and mixing/editing.
  5. Sign the engineer’s contract.
  6. Get your swipe access!
  7. Come up with your own projects, reserve the space for free, and engineer away!