Graduate Affiliates 2016 - 2017

Megann Licskai

Megann grew up outside of London, Ontario on a farm with horses, chickens, and corresponding barn chores. She moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to complete her undergraduate studies at the University of King’s College, where she read a lot of books and accidentally discovered a love for the history of science. Now that she is in her 2nd year in HSHM at Yale, Megann reads even more books but is still enamoured with the field. She is interested in reproductive justice, particularly looking at abortion (access to, attitudes about) in the decades after Roe v. Wade. When not elbow-deep in reading, Megann is probably walking, writing letters, binge-watching TV, or thinking about food.

Maryam Ivette Parhizkar

Maryam was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but has made New York City and Jersey City adoptive homes in adulthood. She earned a B.A. in English from Columbia University, and an M.A. in Liberal Studies from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, with work experience as an arts administrator, music teacher and small press editor. A second-year PhD student in African American Studies and American Studies at Yale, she is interested in migration in U.S. cities throughout the 20th century, and the creative and political exchanges between African American and other migrant culture-makers. Maryam is also a poet and violist, and keeps her ears out for to all kinds of music in and out of New Haven––from chamber music  and avant-garde jazz to soul, folk, cumbia, hip-hop and post-punk. She is also an avid experimenter of Persian and Latin American cooking, and happy to talk to Stiles students about any of these interests and experiences!

Samara Fox

Samara Fox is a second year medical student, originally from Montreal, QC. In a previous life, she was a law student and briefly a lawyer, so feel free to ask her about being pre-law or pre-med, or about careers in law or medicine. Academically, she is interested in emergency medicine, global health, immigrant health (and immigration law), as well as LGBTQ rights. Samara graduated from Yale in 2009, studied psychology, played rugby and did a lot of photography. Feel free to ask her about living the US as a non-citizen, LGBTQ issues, applying to medical or law school, or her dog. In fact, definitely ask to see pictures of her dog.

Michael Parker

Michael is a fifth year PhD student in the Department of Immunobiology at Yale. His research interests include the evolutionary interplay between viruses and the immune system, the ways in which viruses evade the immune system, and the mechanisms of sensing of viruses by the host cell. Growing up in rural central Pennsylvania, Michael has always loved the outdoors and is always looking for ways to get some fresh air. He is an accomplished distance runner and enjoys playing other sports at every opportunity. Michael attended college at Millersville University of Pennsylvania in Lancaster, PA where he earned a B.S. in biology with minors in Chemistry and Studio Art. A fourth year GA at Stiles, Michael looks forward to participating in the strong intramural sports program, planning outdoor and service activities for students, and mentoring STEM students in how to apply for and receive research funding for graduate school.

Kassie Urban-Mead

Kassie is a Master’s student at the Yale School of Forestry, where she is doing the 5th-year program in Environmental Science. Her research with the Schmitz lab focuses on mutualistic network ecology and seeks to decipher how wild bee communities respond to habitat loss and climate change. She was an undergraduate in ES’13/’14, although she took an unconventional path, with two fantastic semesters off to work and travel (feel free to ask her about it!). She lived off-campus for two years, exploring New Haven by bike, with kitchen implements, and by making music with friends. She’s planning on pursuing further study in biology, but in the meantime would love to hang out with Stilesians! Especially anyone interested in organismal biology, botanical drawing, social justice in the food system, Beyonce lyrics, modern dance, and/or with secret desires to be dairy farmers.


David Goldstein

David Goldstein is a first year medical student originally from Wayland, Massachusetts. He graduated Yale in 2012 with a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, and was a passionate member Ezra Stiles College as an undergraduate. He took time off after college to do clinical research in Boston, and is very excited to be rejoining the Stiles community. He plays tennis and ultimate frisbee, and recently completed his first half marathon. He enjoys watching Boston’s professional sports teams and going to Yale hockey games.


Andrew Bard Epstein

Andrew Bard Epstein is a graduate student in the Department of History. Born in New York City and raised in Hastings-on-Hudson, he received a B.A. in History and Sociology at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2009. In 2010, he headed south to pursue an M.A. in History and Native American Studies at the University of Georgia. While there, he also helped found Freedom University, which offers college-level courses to undocumented students banned from Georgia’s top public universities. Before coming to Yale, he returned to NYC to intern at The Nation magazine and coordinate outreach for the award-winning documentary Dirty Wars. He’s very excited to get to know Stiles students (and to stop talking in the third person)!

Mansur Ghani

Mansur Ghani is a medical student from Los Angeles, CA. He’s a proud Moose (class of ’14) who studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry as an undergrad. He’s passionate about global health and his projects have taken him to Malaysia, Turkey, Ecuador and more. When not traveling, Mansur is an avid Astronomy enthusiast and would love to organize a stargazing study break as a graduate affiliate. Feel free to chat with him about the newly founded Space Medicine Interest Group or really anything at all! 

Mohammad Khan

Mohammad Khan is from Boynton Beach, Florida. He is currently getting his Ph. D in Molecular, Cellular, & Development Biology . Mohammad is very engaged with breakdancing, a relatively young dance originating in the urban settings of New York. Though breakdancing is a globally prevalent dance form, it is still misunderstood by many. As a graduate affiliate, he intends to explore the world of breakdancing, from its origins to the meaning it takes on today for dancers around the world.

Jaya Wen

Jaya Wen is from Palo Alto, California by way of Rochester, New York. She is a second-year economics PhD student interested in development, labor, and political economy. She loves soccer, animals, nineteenth-century sea shanties, and Ezra Stiles (Class of ‘12).

Emma Larson

Emma Larson is a first year law student. A proud Stiles 2011 alum, as an undergrad she studied renaissance English literature, played rugby, and ate plenty of pizza. Emma was born and raised in NYC, where she returned after graduation to work for the federal prosecutor’s office. She is interested in issues of law and gender justice, and enjoys reading novels, playing soccer, and watching Game of Thrones on loop. She is excited to feed and get to know the Stilesians of today. Go Moose!

Arash Fereydooni

Arash is a first year medical student, graduated Yale in 2015 with a BS and MS in MCD Biology, and was a proud stilesian. Though he hails from Southern California, he has weirdly been okay with New Haven’s bipolar weather for the past five years. He is interested in surgery, academic medicine and social justice issues and enjoys hiking, reading non-fictions, playing soccer, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. He is very excited to be rejoining the Stiles community.

Inho Andy Mun

Andy is a first-year law student. He is a proud Stiles ’14 alumna and studied EPE & Math as an undergraduate. He is from Seoul and Santa Rosa, CA, and now has found a new home in New Haven. Yes, that would include Stiles. He is interested in the field of financial regulation, but on a less serious note he enjoys dancing salsa, playing flamenco guitar, playing/watching soccer (Manchester Utd.) and traveling. He is excited to maintain his connection with the Stiles community, and would love to host study breaks with delicious food that would make other colleges jealous, help any students interested in law school, and potentially teach a salsa class.