Seniors receiving Commencement Awards Spring 2021

Ezra Stiles College Fellowships:

Gary Stein Memorial Internships: awarded in honor of Gary Stein (ES ‘76) for summer projects that utilize research to help bring about practical effects of a scientific, social, or educational nature. Information and application available on the Student Grants Database.

Linck Summer Fellowships: for summer internships and projects by Ezra Stiles students. Information and application available on the Student Grants Database.

Mellon Undergraduate Research Awards: awarded in the Fall semester to Ezra Stiles seniors for work on senior essays and projects; contact Kathy Dunn for information.

Annual Council of the Heads of College Awards:

Richter Summer Fellowships: for independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. Richter Fellowships are ordinarily awarded to juniors, but first-year students, sophomores and graduate affiliates are eligible. 

Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards : to sustain creative and performing arts in the College.

Student Grants and Fellowships Database:

A comprehensive, searchable resource of grants and fellowships funded and/or administered by Yale. Most of these are open only to Yale students and are available from Yale’s schools, departments, and programs, while others are national competitions to which Yale nominates candidates.

Commencement Awards in Ezra Stiles:

Richard B. Sewall Cup: The Head of College’s Cup, to a senior for outstanding scholarly achievement and creative promise.
Wilmanns-Lidz Cup:  to a senior whose presence has most clearly enhanced the morale of the College.
Ernest F. Thompson Cup: The Dean’s Cup, to a senior for outstanding contributions to the life of Ezra Stiles College.
Herbert M. Atherton Cup: to a senior man and woman for outstanding contributions to Ezra Stiles intramural athletics.
Heinrich von Staden Cup: to a senior who most consistently challenged the social and intellectual conscience of the College.
John E. Linck, III Prize: to a senior who has contributed most uniquely to the intellectual good of the college, and to the quality of friendship in the college.
Rita Lipson Cup: to a senior who has taken the best advantage of the opportunities offered by the college, as shown by intellectual growth, personal maturity, and active consideration for others.
Paul H. and Brigitte P. Fry Cup: to a senior who has made the greatest contribution in the arts.

Camille Lizarribar Prize: to a senior who has offered both support and enthusiasm to our community in ways that have enhanced the generosity of spirit so central to Ezra Stiles College