Welcome Ezra Stiles College Class of 2028!

Congratulations! We feel proud to call you Stilesians! Each entering class expands our horizons and enriches our traditions of friendship and collective learning. Ezra Stiles College will be your home base as you begin your journey through college. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you navigate this wondrous time in your life. Stiles College has a distinctive history within Yale College and New Haven, it has been home to students who pushed the boundaries of the university to be more inclusive, to embrace new fields of knowledge, and to engage with the pressing social concerns of the day. We want this place of exceptional buildings and beautiful facilities to be your home and to be as familiar as the back of your hand. 

We look forward to meeting you when you move-in this August. For now, get acquainted with Stiles through our website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.You can read about Dean Murphy Temple, about me, and our wonderful Stiles team, and you can find helpful instructions for mail.  Explore the First-Year and New Student Resources page and be sure you’ve activated your Netid and Yale email account. Your first-year counselors will be reaching out, and you will have lots of support as you register for courses and settle in. 

Please consult the Yale College Deans Office FAQ page for crucial information about public health precautions, important deadlines, and student support services. Your parents and family members can also find answers to their questions here. Your rooms have been prepared with extra care. Each room has a bed, desk, chair, and dresser, so you will not need to bring furniture, although lamps can be helpful.

Stiles is the college of moosewood-brick pizzaartistsmuralists, international students, athletes and IM superstars … and many of the most remarkable and caring people on campus. Very soon you will be making friends with the people you have wanted to know all your life, isn’t that amazing? At the same time, you will get to know the talented and generous staff who make our dining hall, grounds, and facilities the most hospitable and distinctive of all the colleges.

This is a big moment – if you feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. We are here to help you thrive. Good humor, openness, and friendship are never in short supply here.

Wear your Stiles colors with pride - you are now one of the herd.

One Love, One Moose!

Alicia Schmidt Camacho
Head of Ezra Stiles