Ezra Stiles Student Activities Committee (SAC)

The Ezra Stiles Social Activities Committee plans and runs events for the Stiles community in partnership with the Head of College Office. SAC 2018-19 will be led by Hannah Lee and the team will consist of Rafael Esteva, Hafsa Abdi, Bessie Bauman, Marty Chandler, Cove Geary, Jaeger Johnson, Alicia Kacharia, Daniel Kaylor, Sophie Nam, Drew Prinster, Max Schlenker, Camden Smithtro, Laura Street, and Jonathan Wu!

SAC 2017-18 had an amazing year! There were fabulous bonfires, joyful apple-picking adventures, a classy Ezra Gala, and more thanks to the entire team: Aurora Fonseca, Daisy Ramos, Claire Ewing-Nelson, Amy DePoy, Rafael Esteva, Hannah Lee, Kinga Obartuch, Laura Street, Tiana Wang, and Tommy Atlee!

Midnight Breakfast, March 2018


Midnight Breakfast, December 2017


Ezra Gala, October 2017


Moose and Morsels enjoy Fun Day, May 2017


The SAC team at Ezra Gala 2016


S’mores in the Ezra Stiles Courtyard, October 2016


The second annual Moose in Canoes, October 2016


The Annual Apple Picking Trip, Fall 2016


Ezra Gala, November 2015