Ezra Stiles Student Activities Committee (SAC)

Stiles Student Activities Committee plans and runs events for the Stiles community in partnership with the Head of College Office.  From s’mores nights and midnight pancakes to canoeing and ski trips, if you love to organize social events and want a surefire way to meaningfully engage in your residential college community, joining SAC is an excellent way to do it! Applications are being accepted HERE until early September.  Join us!  First-years welcome!

The AMAZING and INCREDIBLE 2023-2024 SAC helped to organize so many beloved events this year thanks to the work of SAC Co-Presidents Samantha Lorr, George Ploumis, Alina Susani as well as SAC members MacKenzie Altuzar, Annalie Diaz, Sarina Fereydooni, Caroline Figaro, Ella Fuentes Guerrero, David Gaetano, Santiago Gonzalez, Keenan Walker, and Zadie Winthrop.

Made up of almost entirely new members, the 2022-23 SAC brought back MANY much loved Stiles traditions, put their own spin on a few and added some new ones!  A huge shout out to the dedication  and creativity of Jeffrey Steele, Josephine Cureton, Samantha Lorr, Breanna Nguyen, Karla Perdomo Nunez, Alina Susani, George Plumis  and Tiffany Hu for all of their hard work so the Herd could make some awesome memories!  From a STUNNING Ezra Gala at the Elm City Club to the top of East Rock; the thrills of snow tubing to flipping pancakes at Midnight Breakfast, SAC 22-23 brough the magic back! 


Amidst continued challenging conditions Stiles 2021-22 SAC persevered to bring back two much loved Stiles traditions to the Herd - Apple Picking and a modified, outdoor Stiles fall formal, Ezra Gala. Many thanks to members Ellie Atlee, Iva Knezevic, Alexa Jeanne Loste, Samantha Lorr, Anjali Mangla, Paulina Pimentel-Mora and Jeffrey Steele for their efforts!


SAC 2019-20 squeezed in a lot of amazing events before the interruption to normal campus activites in March (Twelfth Night-themed Gala, Vermont ski trip, etc.), and we are eternally grateful for those wonderful experiences and memories. 

Ezra Gala, November 2019


Apple Picking, September 2019


Thank you to the SAC 2018-19 team led by Hannah Lee and including Rafael Esteva, Hafsa Abdi, Bessie Bauman, Marty Chandler, Cove Geary, Jaeger Johnson, Alicia Kacharia, Daniel Kaylor, Sophia Nam, Drew Prinster, Max Schlenker, Camden Smithtro, Laura Street, and Jonathan Wu for all of their work on another fabulous Ezra Gala, delicious midnight pancakes during reading period and fun s’mores/movie nights!

Midnight Breakfast, December 2018


Ezra Gala 2018



Midnight Breakfast, March 2018


SAC 2017-18 had an amazing year.  There were fabulous bonfires, joyful apple-picking, a class Ezra Gala and more thanks to Aurora Fonseca, Daisy Ramos, Claire Ewing Nelson, Amy DePoy, Rafael Esteva, Hannah Lee, Kinga Obartuch, Laura Street, Tiana Wang and Tommy Atlee!

Midnight Breakfast, December 2017


Ezra Gala, October 2017


Apple Picking 2017


Moose and Morsels Fun Day, May 2017


The SAC team at Ezra Gala 2016


S’mores Night October 2016


The second annual Moose in Canoes, October 2016


The Annual Apple Picking Trip, Fall 2016


The OG Ezra Gala, November 2015