Stiles Student Kitchen


Down the hall from the Game Room and Buttery you will find the Stiles Student Kitchen. This student run space is available to all Stilesians, so long as it is respected and enjoyed. It’s kept stocked with basic pantry items and all the cooking equipment you will need to bake or cook for yourself or with friends. Everything from the type of dish you’re making, to the size, to the ingredients— all up to you.

Suitemate bonding? Party of two? Or even a solo, treat yourself night? Cook in the company of your choosing. During your reservation, the kitchen is yours. 

To help keep this wonderful place open, please make sure to follow all instructions and guidelines before, during, and after your reservation. 

How to Reserve the Kitchen

 1. Fill out the Stiles Kitchen Quiz. It focuses on COVID guidelines  and kitchen essentials such as food handling, hygiene, and clean-up.

2. Check the Stiles Kitchen Calendar for availability. 

3.  Our super quick form to make your reservation is on Calendly. Once you’ve submitted it on Calendly, an email with more information will follow. 

4. When arriving at the the kitchen, please scan the QR code to complete a Check In Form. Please take photos of anything of concern.

5. When wrapping up in the kitchen, please scan the QR code to complete a Check Out Form

* The kitchen will be unlocked before your reservation.  Please note that you must be present for the whole duration of your reservation and that you are responsible for the kitchen during this time slot. *

Things to Know

Apart from the standard appliances necessary to cook (and some extras like a pasta maker and an ice cream maker), the kitchen is stocked with various accessory ingredients. While the quantities of these vary over time, typically you can find some flour, spices, sugar, food coloring, sprinkles and more.  You may keep food in the fridge; however, we ask that you label the food with your name and date, and that you remove the food within a week. If you are ever curious about what is in stock in the kitchen you can always reach out to the kitchen managers!

Reservations account for an hour gap between each event, to allow extra time at the end of each reservation to ensure the kitchen is left clean. You may only reserve the kitchen 1 day per week. It is okay to book two 1 hour sessions consecutively, but please contact the student kitchen managers if you are looking to book 3 or more consecutive slots or reserve the kitchen more than one day in a particular week. Reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance.

The Kitchen Managers

Our 2024-25 kitchen managers will be announced in the Fall and are available for questions, comments, suggestions, and assistance. Additionally, they are in charge of any special programming in the kitchen. If you have an idea for or would like to lead an event in the kitchen, please reach out to Marc Levenson