In Ezra Stiles College, the College Dean is responsible for all housing assignments. The housing lottery and draw takes place during the spring term. Room allocation is implemented by the housing committee, which is composed of the dean and two permanent representatives from each class.

Students who would like to have their medical or religious needs accommodated in housing must make their request prior to the start of the housing draw process.  All dates and deadlines will be advertised in advance.


Housing Information for 2022-2023  

Housing selection for the 2022-2023 Academic Year has concluded.

The Housing Committee reserves the right to modify or update the housing rules or deadlines at any time if the situation warrants. In addition, suite assignments can be changed to ensure fairness and to make accommodations for those who qualify. All decisions will be made at the discretion of the Housing Committee, the Dean, and the Head of College. All decisions are final.

Housing Committee Members:

Dean Murphy Temple

Class of 2022: Reta Behnam and Tony Leche

Class of 2023: Annie Giman and Sam Vitale

Class of 2024: Tiana Luo and Jake Wade

Class of 2025: Lee Muita and Faith Peña


Insurance information: 

Yale is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, any personal belongings anywhere on or off campus, whether in a dormitory room, an off-campus apartment, or a storage area, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage. All students are encouraged to make their own arrangements to obtain insurance against loss or damage.

Yale’s Office of Enterprise Risk Management provides access for students to a comprehensive insurance policy to protect student personal belongings. Details can be found at https://ogc.yale.edu/erm/ins/protecting-personal-property-yale-university-camp

Off-Campus Living Resources