Stiles Aides

Office Aides

Stiles Office Aides are stewards and ambassadors of the Ezra Stiles Community.  They are responsible for sorting mail and packages, running the DVD and Game Library, dispensing candy, helping with room lockouts, and organizing Fiesta Fridays in the College Office. Aides also help work Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Hafsa Abdi

Hafsa is a sophomore Stilesian from the beautiful Northern Virginia. Deciding between majors is difficult but picking an ice cream flavor in the dining hall is easy (chocolate chip cookie dough is a must). If she isn’t making creative desserts she’s probably in a theater somewhere, working as the Dramat’s Production Officer. Hafsa also enjoys working as a Matriculate advising fellow and watching Korean dramas. She is excited to see all of your smiling faces in the office this year!

Thomas Atlee

Thomas is a native Angelino and reps his city hard. A sophomore in the college, he is currently undecided in his area of study, but is very interested in history and a whole range is social sciences. An active member of Stiles’s IM soccer and broomball teams, Tommy has a passion for both watching and playing sports. Thomas is a member of the Catholic Center at Yale, and serves as one of Ezra Stiles’s representatives on the Yale College Council (Yale’s student government). A new member of the Stiles Aides team, Thomas is definitely stoked to meet all the new fresh-moose (or first-moose now) so drop in sometime and say hi!

Jackson Cole

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jackson enjoys the finer things in life: James Bond movies, Yale football games, and Stiles Buttery chicken quesadillas. He’s thrilled this year to be living in Stiles as a sophomore, shortening the distance between him and Stiles’ vaunted pizza to only a couple flights of stairs. While not committed to any major, Jackson wants to be involved in education in his hometown Dallas in the near future. Jackson loves meeting new Stilesians, so come stop by the office to say hello or chat it up!

Amy DePoy

Amy is a junior in Stiles who loves all things Harry Potter. Her crowning achievement was meeting Daniel Radcliffe when she was studying abroad in London last spring! As you can probably tell, Amy loves all things books, so if you have any recommendations (or want some!) please stop by and talk to her! You can usually find Amy in the office or getting a crepe.

Vikram Dhawan

Vikram grew up in Kirkland, Washington (yeah, the Costco one!) and has been a proud Moose since 2014. At Yale he is a captain of the Ultimate team, a counselor at Camp Kesem, and a member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. He just got a new puppy named Bella, who will be shadowing him at the Aides Desk this year, so now he’s trying to figure out if there’s anything else he wants in life. Vikram loves ranting and Bella loves petting so come say hi and unload your stress :)

Justin Knapp

Hailing from South Georgia, Justin is a junior Stilesian who has dreams of being the first human to go to Venus (leaving Levon far behind). He firmly believes that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time and you can often find him living out this motto in the Stiles buttery. “$ave Dat Money” is the anthem of his life. He hopes to double major in MB&B and Art History because he wants to go into the medical field and be able to keep up with the conversations at future dinner parties (though rumor has it he actually has no clue what he wants to do in life). His favorite movies are V for Vendetta and Good Will Hunting to which he has been known to make far too many references. In addition to being a Stiles Aide, Justin works at Global Grounds where he can often be found drinking coffee at unacceptable hours. In general, he loves to laugh and soak up the company of his fellow Stiles Moose!

Harper Loonsk

Harper is a senior Stilesian from Washington, DC. While at Yale she has served as the co-president of the Yale Refugee Project, interned at New Haven’s refugee resettlement agency as a Dwight Hall fellow, served as a Yale World Fellows Liaison, competed as a member of the Yale Equestrian Team, and organized as a member of the ES student activities committee. Harper adores Ezra Stiles and very little makes her happier than working in the college’s office, planning Ezra Stiles events, and inundating the college with moose-centric designs and ideas. She loves drinking really cold water and is fenomnally bad at spelling.

Daisy Ramos

Around the office, Daisy is affectionately known as Daisy-berry. She is an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major from McFarland, California (yes, like the movie), has 1 brother and 2 sisters (one of them looks like her but even smaller), and is (slightly) obsessed with all things Stiles. Also, Hot Cheetos are the key to her heart, and her favorite people in the whole world include Sir Marc Levenson and Lady Kathryn Dunn. Why? Come to the office, say hi, and find out! Daisy is lactose intolerant.

Fernando Rojas

Fernando is a proud Moose from Southern California. His love for many subjects has left him “undecided” for far too long. His interests include: spoken word, Chicano/a literature, corgis, and impromptu phone calls to Papa John’s. He’s the Treasurer of WORD, translates for the Yale Law School, and volunteers with Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project (ASAP). If Fernando isn’t working behind the aide’s desk, then he’s probably in front of the aide’s desk eating from the candy bowl (stop him). He’s working closely with Taco Bell to open a new Taco Bell in the center of Old Campus. Come by and say hi!


Genevieve Simmons

Genevieve, a California Bay Area native, shows her love for Stiles in the office, on the IM fields, and as a Froco this year! She also spends her time on campus going to shows, playing soccer and rugby, dancing and playing violin, capoeira, and hanging out with Maria in the dining hall. Talk to her about Cognitive Science, about her being late to the Frank Ocean fan club, and about her year off in Japan and other various countries! She recommends the Peaches flavor at Arethusa, if you’re into ice cream, and going with Vikram and his new puppy if you can make that happen! 

Lauren Tucker

A Southern California native, Lauren loves the sun, the beach, and the Stiles meese herd in equal measure. A History of Art major and pre-med student, you can find her cheering on the Bulldogs at most sporting events, playing traditional Korean drums, or snacking at the Stiles buttery in her spare time. Lauren’s favorite part of Yale is the amazing Stiles community, so please visit the office, eat some candy so she does not finish the bowl, and say hi! She loves meeting new meese!

Arvind Venkataram

Arvind is a junior from South Jersey who dedicates his life to making people believe he isn’t from the armpit of the nation. He is majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, and spends his breaks in the lab composing poetry (sometimes in French) or new jazz lines for his beloved double bass. When he isn’t in the Stiles Office or at YSO Rehearsal, you can find him daydreaming, riding his skateboard, or daydreaming on his skateboard. Other things he loves: Chelsea boots, Kendrick Lamar, and meeting new Stilesians. 

House Aides

Stiles House Aides assist with Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Aurora Fonseca Class of 2018
Jiaqi Liu Class of 2018
Jayshree Sarathy Class of 2018
Alan Diaz-Santana Class of 2018
Ellis Burgoon Miskell Class of 2019
Minh Nguyen Class of 2019

Madison (Maddy) O’Neal

Class of 2019
Claudia Zamora Class of 2019
Kendall Easley Class of 2020
Sabrina Bustamente Class of 2020
Daniel Kaylor Class of 2020
Anna Milliken Class of 2020
Michael Papallo Class of 2020
Isabel Salinas-Arreola Class of 2020