Stiles Aides

Office Aides

Stiles Office Aides are stewards and ambassadors of the Ezra Stiles Community.  They are responsible for sorting mail and packages, running the DVD and Game Library, dispensing candy, helping with room lockouts, and organizing Fiesta Fridays in the College Office. Aides also help work Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Hafsa Abdi

Hafsa is a senior Stilesian from the beautiful Northern Virginia. Deciding between majors is difficult but picking an ice cream flavor in the dining hall is easy (chocolate chip cookie dough is a must). If she isn’t making creative desserts she’s probably in a theater somewhere, working as the Dramat’s Production Officer. Hafsa also enjoys working as a Matriculate advising fellow and watching Korean dramas. She is excited to see all of your smiling faces in the office this year!

Thomas Atlee

Thomas is a native Angeleno and reps his city hard. A senior in the college, he is an economics major with a big interest in urban studies. An active member of Stiles’s IM soccer and broomball teams, Tommy has a passion for both watching and playing sports. Thomas is a member of the Catholic Center at Yale. Thomas is definitely stoked to meet all the new fresh-moose, so drop in sometime and say hi!

Nareen Barwari

Nareen is a Sophmoose who hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is a proud midwesterner but does not mind being on the east coast (though she has very aggressive feelings about the rain here). She is a prospective political science major but, as a girl who changes her mind a lot, that is likely to change. Nareen is a candy expert, Starbucks lover, and all around fan of anything with sugar. She considers herself an expert binge-watcher of all TV shows, however classes sometimes get in the way of that. When she isn’t in the office, she is working with SNAP PAC, representing Stiles on the First Year College Council, or watching cheesy movies with her KKG sorority sisters. Nareen loves meeting new people so stop by the office and discuss the best candies or your favorite Netflix show with her! 

Bessie Bauman

Bessie is a junior Stilesian (majoring in Economics and the Certificate in Data Science) with a true passion for Stiles activities. She loves both participating in and planning Ezra Stiles events as Ezra Stiles College Council President. If not somewhere in Stiles, Bessie can be found leading the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or frequenting tea spots with friends. She hails from Olathe, Kansas and enjoys hearing all of the jokes people have about the Wizard of Oz. Bessie’s special talents include laughing especially loud and exhibiting moose pride. By the way, she knows she isn’t in Kansas anymore.

Reta Behnam

Reta is a sophmoose from sunny San Diego with intentions to major in cognitive science. When she’s not learning about what makes moose tick or studying at the St. Thomas More library she’s running around campus attending Camp Kesem meetings and Independent Party debates. Random fun fact #1: when she first found out she got into Yale the residential college she wanted to be placed in was Stiles because she thought Medieval (K)night was a hilarious tradition. Random fun fact #2: She loves rom-coms and has seen far too many (Top 3: The Proposal, When Harry Meets Sally, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) but knows there are so many more out there so please stop by the office and chat with her about your favorites!

Marty Chandler

Marty is a junior from the suburbs of Seattle who loves Starbucks, trees, and the rain, as you might expect, but who also loves his home and family in Stiles just as much! Around campus, you’ll see him performing improv, repping Stiles in IM Pickleball, and hanging in the Moose Butt while writing plays! Be sure to stop by the office and ask him about the Theater Studies and Psychology majors, his knitting-hobby-turned-Stiles-club (SKC!), study abroad (he went to Spain with many other Stilesians!), his Star Wars and Parks and Rec obsessions, or the story of when he cried into the laps of his fellow Stiles Aides at Avengers: Infinity War. 

Jackson Cole

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jackson enjoys the finer things in life: James Bond movies, Yale football games, and Stiles Buttery chicken quesadillas. As a senior, Jackson has spent enough time in New Haven to have made up his mind about pizza,  and while he considers Modern to be his favorite New Haven apizza, Stiles’ vaunted pizza holds a special place in his heart. Majoring in Ethics, Politics and Economics, Jackson wants to be involved in education in his hometown Dallas in the near future. Jackson loves meeting new Stilesians, so come stop by the office to say hello or chat it up!

Aivy Duong

A proud Bay Area native, Aivy is a junior Stilesian who is currently pursuing the pre-med track. At Yale, Aivy spends most of her time in rehearsals because she is a member of not one, but two dance groups: DanceWorks and Yale Steppin’ Out! She’s also a board member of the Vietnamese Students Association (ViSA) and was an Associate Representative for the First-Year College Council. In her (rather limited) free time, Aivy loves to hike, drink sparkling water, or obsess over Dancing with the Stars.  She is very excited to meet all of the new Stilesians!

Robert Samec

Robert (also known as Robbie) is a Sophomore from Mill Valley, California in the beautiful redwood forest twenty minutes north of San Francisco. Though he’s interested in studying architecture and urban design, he’s also a huge fan of dark roast coffee and HBO. Who knows where his life will take him?! When he’s not in the office, he’s probably in the Stiles weaving studio, attending cool lectures at the School of Architecture, or cooking in the Stiles student kitchen with friends. If you ever see him around, definitely say hi!

House Aides

Stiles House Aides assist with Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Kendall Easley Class of 2020
Sabrina Bustamente Class of 2020
Daniel Kaylor Class of 2020
Anna Milliken Class of 2020
Michaela Papallo Class of 2020
Isabel Salinas-Arreola Class of 2020

Jacob Abdallah

Class of 2021

Cove Geary  Class of 2021
Logan Howard Class of 2021
Jaeger Johnson Class of 2021
Mary Clare McMahon Class of 2021
Camden Smithtro Class of 2021
Milo Tamayo  Class of 2021
Faith Tomlin Class of 2021
Jonathan Wu Class of 2021
Jacob Earle Class of 2022
Mahdeen Kahn Class of 2022
Frank Lukens Class of 2022
Sofia Ortega-Guerrero Class of 2022
Noa Rosinplotz Class of 2022
Nicole Wang Class of 2022