Stiles Aides

Office Aides

Stiles Office Aides are stewards and ambassadors of the Ezra Stiles Community.  They are responsible for greeting visitors, sorting mail and packages, running our lending libraries of  board games, dvds, sports equipment and tools, dispensing candy and advice, helping with room lockouts, and organizing Fiesta Fridays and other programming for the College Office. Aides also help work Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Lexi Dalrymple

Lexi is is a senior from San Antonio, Texas majoring Russian and Eastern Eurasian Studies, but she aspires to become a doctor. If she’s not in class, working in the office, or doing research, you will probably find Lexi in a ballet studio, stretching, or in a yoga class (Soul Sweat is awesome). After training pre-professionally during high school, Lexi is Co-Artistic Director of the Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company. She is also a complete musical theatre nut and Dramat member, so if you want to listen to show tunes or have any questions about dance and theater at Yale, feel free to ask her. She is a total foodie and stress-baker, so if you want dessert recommendations, she would love to share where to find a sweet treat in New Haven. She unashamedly admits that one of the best parts of Stiles is its proximity to Ashley’s!

Dhruv Javangula

Dhruv is a sophomore hailing from the criminally underrated Central Valley of California. He’s majoring in Economics and History, though this is certainly up for debate. On campus, he’s a part of the Yale Political Union, is an avid IM athlete (should’ve gone D1), and fails to make money in various finance clubs. Feel free to come to the office and talk to him about all things sci-fi/fantasy, politics, and basketball! If he’s not in the office, you can probably find him begging for free food at the Buttery. 
KJ is a senior moose hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s majoring in Astrophysics and pursuing the S&DS certificate! In addition to being an office aide, KJ is the President of Ezra Stiles College Council and, this year, a Stiles FroCo! Outside of the college, KJ served as the Executive Director of Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad and is now an advisor to the organization. KJ can be found in the Stiles courtyard (temperature dependent), working on her latest crochet projects, and thinking of new things to put in her Stiles aide bios. KJ is a chatter at heart, so don’t hesitate to come say hi!
Madelyn is a sophomore from Atlanta studying either Environmental Studies or Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Outside of the office, Madelyn is captain of the C2 women’s club soccer team, a member of Dpops, and on the Common Closet board. Madelyn often goes to the Stiles gym and loves to represent the college in IM sports. Madelyn enjoys a good sweet treat (especially if it’s ice cream, boba, or coffee) and is always looking to meet new people so please say hi! 
Victor is a (rising) sophomore in Stiles from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a prospective Global Affairs and Applied Math major with a flair for Romance languages. He is studying French in Europe in the summer and is currently studying Spanish at Yale. Victor is a die-hard fan of musicals and is always on the lookout for Moose in The Arts tickets to catch the latest shows around New Haven. On campus, Victor is an active member of YASA & YMUN where he channels his enthusiasm for global affairs and community engagement. When he’s not in class, Victor loves spending time with friends THRIFTING, hiking, exploring restaurants in New Haven and playing Mahjong. In his downtime, you can find Victor either binge-watching a Netflix series or nestled in the Stiles library with a good book. He’s super excited to meet the incoming Moose, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him! Whether you share his love for languages, musicals, or just want to grab a meal at a cool new spot, Victor is always ready to make new friends and create unforgettable memories.

Sebastian Orozco

Sebastian is a junior Stilesian majoring in Computer Science and maaaybe Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology too. Although he’s from New York, he’s spent a third of his life in Mexico and a gap year in Taiwan. On campus, Sebastian is involved with Yale Computer Society and Saint Thomas More, but off campus he enjoys baking (or at least trying to), hiking East Rock, and hanging with friends. If you see him around, feel free to say hi! 

Aimee Perales

I’m a sophomore moose from East Los Angeles, California! I’m currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering on the premed track. In addition to attending office hours and meeting up with friends for dinner, I actively participate in Ballet Folklórico, dancing alongside friends and connecting with my culture. In my free time, I love going on runs around New Haven, attending performances happening at Yale, FaceTiming my loved ones back home, and hanging around boba/ coffee shops (whale tea & Atticus are my favorites). I love meeting new people and making friends around campus, so feel free to say hello or let’s grab lunch together! :) I’m thrilled to be a part of the lovely stiles community! GFM!! 


Ignacio is a senior in Ezra Stiles College (gfm!), and he hails from rural Virginia, nearing the North Carolina border. He is a Neuroscience major who is also pre-med and hoping to obtain his Chinese language certificate. Ignacio had the opportunity to participate in several on-campus extracurricular activities, as well as gain research experience at the Yale Medical School. He’d be happy to discuss these opportunities for any aspiring researchers! When he is not spending time studying or working, he can be seen drinking coffee with friends, volunteering in whatever he can find, going on hikes, FaceTiming his mom, and reading. He is so excited to chat with the lovely Stiles community, so please say hi whenever you see him in the dining hall or anywhere else!

Will Walker

Howdy y’all! Will is a junior from Florence, South Carolina, pursuing a major in Earth and Planetary Sciences. He can be pretty easy to spot– if you see any sudsy spheres floating around Ezra Stiles or elsewhere on campus, it’s likely him. In addition to being Ezra Stiles’s most avid bubbler, Will can also be found milling around in the Stiles Office, working on the Yale Farm, going to concerts, and studying in the Stiles Library on more evenings than he’d like to admit. Will also has a fantasy obsession, reflected in his movie and book choices, and his love of D&D. A kid at heart (hence the obsessions with bubbles and fantasy), Will’s always bubbly, smiling, and happy to make a new friend!

Rohan Wassink

Rohan Wassink is a junior from the Seattle area studying Physics and Mathematics. At any given moment outside of class, he is most likely to be found in a practice room (with saxophone attached), photographing a Stiles event, or by a chalkboard drawing dotted lines (and the occasional homework problem) with increasing intensity and impressionism. An avid student of jazz, photography, and all things quantum, Rohan is excited to be involved with the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective, Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing, and most importantly the Stiles office! He looks forward to meeting any and all Stilesians, or Yalies in general, and welcomes discussion about food, language, running, music, and many things besides!

House Aides

Stiles House Aides assist with Teas, fellows’ dinners, study breaks, and other Stiles events.

Kaya Basnet
Rory Bricca
Emma Cantu
Annalie Diaz
Sophie Foster
Maggie Grether
Natalie Haase
Helen Hall
Diego Jaramillo
Amanda Lawless
Lauren Lee
Timothy Lee
Samantha Lorr (Head House Aide)
Ximena Pulido (Head House Aide)
Sophie Richardson
Victoria Smithson