Ezra Stiles College Council (ESCC)

Meetings:  Mondays, 9:00 pm
Location:  Ezra Stiles Fellows Lounge (Entryway J, right next to dining hall and one floor up)

ESCC is the Ezra Stiles College Council, a group of Stilesians that meet once a week to help make Stiles the best residential college community on campus! From planning events for the college to supporting all our Stiles groups (IMs, SAC, the Big Sib program, and more), ESCC is here to make everyone feel heard and part of the herd! In addition to weekly meetings to discuss ways to improve residential college life, ESCC has sponsored college trips and events ranging from escape rooms, trampoline parks, and paintball to trivia nights and viewing parties for the Oscars, the Superbowl, soccer, and more. Attending ESCC meetings is an amazing way to have a say in residential life in Stiles and get more involved with the college. Everyone is welcome, so be sure to stop by a meeting for free food, Stiles pride, and your weekly dose of moose love!

2024 ESCC Board

KJ McConnell ’25, President

KJ is a junior moose from Charlotte, North Carolina majoring in Astrophysics. Around Stiles, KJ also serves as an office aide and as one of the student kitchen managers! Outside of the college, KJ was the executive director of Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad from 22-23 and currently does research with the astronomy department. In her free time, KJ enjoys reorganizing her playlists, crochet, and being the best at catching the blue line shuttle.

Diego Faria ‘25.5, Secretary

Diego Faría [he/him] is a Venezuelan student pursuing a B.S. in Psychology and certificate in Statistics & Data Science. He began his studies at Miami Dade Honors College, where he served as Student Government President, Honors College Ambassador, Peer Listener, and Student Researcher at the Padrón Campus. At Yale, he has served as the Community Outreach Coordinator for ESCC and is excited to serve now as the secretary! He currently works as a Research Assistant at the Social Perception & Communication Lab at Yale, where he works with topics on bias, racism, and perception. In his free time, Diego performs with the poetry group “Oye!”, and roams around campus in his surfskate. Pass by Scantlebury Park on Saturdays to catch him with the Skateboard Club!

Diego Alderete ’25, Treasurer

Diego is a Computer Science major in Ezra Stiles college. When he’s not working on his next problem set, he can typically be found working on a podcast for the Yale Daily News or singing the bass part in Cadence, a Yale acappella group. In his free time, Diego likes to play guitar and fall down Wikipedia rabbit holes.

Will Walker ‘25, Historian

Will is a Chemistry major from South Carolina, concentrating in “whimsy” (not a real academic program). When not working in the Stiles Office or cramming for a chemistry exam, he can be found playing d&d with friends, mooseing around as a mascot, or making giant bubbles on Cross Campus! He’s always bubbly and excited to meet new people, so come say hi!


2023 ESCC Board: Kelechi “Lechi” Akalaonu ‘25 (President), KJ McConnell ‘25 (Secretary), Erin Murray ‘26 (Treasurer), Bahar Bouzarjomehri ‘25 (Historian)

2022 ESCC Board: Colton Basar ‘24 (President), Kelechi “Lechi” Akalaonu ’25 (Secretary), Youssef Ibrahim ‘25 (Treasurer), Julia Zrihen ‘24 (Historian)

2021 ESCC Board: Leart Ajvazaj ‘23 (President), Alana Fahey ’24 (Secretary), Ben Cifu ‘24 (Treasurer), Brianna Jefferson ’23 (Historian)

2020 ESCC Board: Reilly Johnson ‘22 (President), Connor Fahey ‘22 (Secretary), Joe Boland ‘23 (Treasurer), Frankie Lukens ‘22 (Historian)

2019 ESCC Board: Bessie Bauman ‘21 (President), Reilly Johnson ‘22 (Secretary), Georgii Bekuridze ‘22 (Treasurer), Ikbal Ahluwalia ‘22 (Historian)

2018 ESCC Board: Tommy Atlee ‘20 (Fall President), Jackson Cole ‘20 (Spring President, Fall Historian), Bessie Bauman ‘21 (Secretary), Daniel Kaylor ‘20 (Treasurer)

2017 ESCC Board: Lauren Tucker ‘18 (President), Kate Rosenberg ‘18 (Secretary), Tommy Atlee ‘20 (Treasurer), Jackson Cole ‘20 (Historian)

2016 ESCC Board: Adam Zucker ‘17 (President), Daisy Ramos ‘18 (Secretary), Lauren Tucker ‘18 (Treasurer), Abhijoy Mitra ‘17 (Historian)

2015 ESCC Board: Adam Zucker ‘17 (President), Rachel Galvao ’17 (Secretary), Zach Murn ’17 (Treasurer), Alfred Delle ’17 (Historian)

2014 ESCC Board: Rahul Kini ’15 (President), Jake Allen ‘15 (Secretary), Arash Fereydooni ’15 (Treasurer), Alfred Delle ’17 (Historian)

2013 ESCC Board: Alec Arana ’14 (President), John Griswold ‘14 (Secretary), Michael Marcel ‘16 (Treasurer), Rahul Kini ‘15 (Historian)

2012 ESCC Board: Lee Kennedy-Shaffer ‘13 (President), Sara Torres ‘15 (Secretary), Beau Wittmer ‘13 (Treasurer), Rahul Kini ’15 (Historian)

2011 ESCC Board: Jaya Wen ‘12 (President), Ronit Abramson ‘13 (Secretary), Chelsea Cole ‘12 (Treasurer), Brian Hoefling ’12 (Historian)