Ezra Stiles College Council (ESCC)

Meetings:  Mondays, 9:00 pm
Location:  Ezra Stiles Fellows Lounge (Entryway J, right next to dining hall and one floor up)

ESCC is the Ezra Stiles College Council, a group of Stilesians that meet once a week to help make Stiles the best residential college community on campus! From planning events for the college to supporting all our Stiles groups (IMs, SAC, the Big Sib program, and more), ESCC is here to make everyone feel heard and part of the herd! In addition to weekly meetings to discuss ways to improve residential college life, ESCC has sponsored college trips and events ranging from escape rooms, trampoline parks, and paintball to trivia nights and viewing parties for the Oscars, the Superbowl, soccer, and more. Attending ESCC meetings is an amazing way to have a say in residential life in Stiles and get more involved with the college. Everyone is welcome, so be sure to stop by a meeting for free food, Stiles pride, and your weekly dose of moose love!

2022 ESCC Board

Colton Basar ‘24, President

Colton is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering from Cleveland, Ohio. He works for the office as a house aide, running Game Night and keeping the residential college lively. His hobbies include intramural sports, board games, building things, and hanging out with friends. Above all, he is a Popeyes enthusiast through and through.

Kelechi Lechi’ Akalaonu ‘25, Secretary

Lechi is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience with intent on pursuing a certificate in French. Though originally from the west coast, he has bounced around the United States. He is a rare “HNF” Moose (ask him what that means). Some of his hobbies are mixed martial arts, solving puzzles of all kinds, flower photography, and hiking. Strongly preferring tea over coffee, he would be delighted if you asked to join him for a cup!

Youssef Ibrahim ‘25, Treasurer

Youssef is a rising sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Global Health Studies. He is an Egyptian international student who enjoys teaching Arabic on campus. Aside from that, Youssef enjoys doing research and being involved in different student bodies. In his spare time, he likes to read foreign literature, listen to jazz music, and play soccer (the REAL football). As a treasurer of the ESCC, he is in charge of managing resources and facilitating ESCC events and meetings.

Julia Zrihen ‘24, Historian

Julia is a junior majoring in Philosophy and Economics from NYC. She works in the Stiles buttery and prides herself on the delicate balance between efficiency and care with which she approaches her quesadilla making. When she is not working, you can find her on the other side of the buttery counter, handily defeating her opponents in chess. Otherwise, she enjoys debating with the Conservative Party, tap dancing with TAPS at Yale, and hanging out with her best friend Alana

2021 ESCC Board: Leart Ajvazaj ‘23 (President), Alana Fahey ’24 (Secretary), Ben Cifu ‘24 (Treasurer), Brianna Jefferson ’23 (Historian)

2020 ESCC Board: Reilly Johnson ‘22 (President), Connor Fahey ‘22 (Secretary), Joe Boland ‘23 (Treasurer), Frankie Lukens ‘22 (Historian)

2019 ESCC Board: Bessie Bauman ‘21 (President), Reilly Johnson ‘22 (Secretary), Georgii Bekuridze ‘22 (Treasurer), Ikbal Ahluwalia ‘22 (Historian)

2018 ESCC Board: Tommy Atlee ‘20 (Fall President), Jackson Cole ‘20 (Spring President, Fall Historian), Bessie Bauman ‘21 (Secretary), Daniel Kaylor ‘20 (Treasurer)

2017 ESCC Board: Lauren Tucker ‘18 (President), Kate Rosenberg ‘18 (Secretary), Tommy Atlee ‘20 (Treasurer), Jackson Cole ‘20 (Historian)

2016 ESCC Board: Adam Zucker ‘17 (President), Daisy Ramos ‘18 (Secretary), Lauren Tucker ‘18 (Treasurer), Abhijoy Mitra ‘17 (Historian)

2015 ESCC Board: Adam Zucker ‘17 (President), Rachel Galvao ’17 (Secretary), Zach Murn ’17 (Treasurer), Alfred Delle ’17 (Historian)

2014 ESCC Board: Rahul Kini ’15 (President), Jake Allen ‘15 (Secretary), Arash Fereydooni ’15 (Treasurer), Alfred Delle ’17 (Historian)

2013 ESCC Board: Alec Arana ’14 (President), John Griswold ‘14 (Secretary), Michael Marcel ‘16 (Treasurer), Rahul Kini ‘15 (Historian)

2012 ESCC Board: Lee Kennedy-Shaffer ‘13 (President), Sara Torres ‘15 (Secretary), Beau Wittmer ‘13 (Treasurer), Rahul Kini ’15 (Historian)

2011 ESCC Board: Jaya Wen ‘12 (President), Ronit Abramson ‘13 (Secretary), Chelsea Cole ‘12 (Treasurer), Brian Hoefling ’12 (Historian)