Mail & Packages

According to the Student Handbook, in order to receive mail on campus, all students are required by postal regulations to have a post office box.  Please be aware that U.S. mail sent to you at Yale which does not include your post office box number will be subject to delay in delivery, and in some cases will be returned to the sender.  The cost of a post office box is about $90 for the year (12 month rental).


Student Mail and Shipping Information (updated Jan. 2021 for Spring Semester):

Students may start sending packages to the Student Package Receiving Center beginning January 18th. Packages addressed to the Student Package Receiving Center at 250 Church Street will be redelivered regularly to each of the residential colleges and Old Campus. Sutdents will receive communication from the Stiles Package Distribution Assistant or Old Campus Distribution Center once the package is available for pick up with location and hours of operation. This includes the quarantine period. Stiles Package Center, in the Fellows Lounge / Entryway J, will open Tuesday, February 2nd at 6pm and be open Tues/Thurs 6-8pm and Sat 1-3pm thereafter. The Old Campus Center will likely open that week as well.

Please address all UPS, DHL, USPS, Fed Ex and Amazon packages following the sample below:

Your Name

Yale University

Ezra Stiles College or Old Campus (if residing on Old Campus for the Spring 2021 semester)

250 Church Street, Lower Level

New Haven, CT 06510-1714

mail and packages sent through the us postal service to your po box

(Your Name)
206 Elm Street, (Your PO Box #)
New Haven, CT 06520-(last four digits of your PO Box)

Street Addressing

You will have the option of using the street address of Yale Station for your mailing address in addition to your post office box number.  Use this address when your post office box number is not accepted.  Your address would be given as:

(Your Name)
206 Elm St #(6 digit box number)
New Haven, CT 06520-(last four digits of your PO Box)

NOTE:  Yale Station now accepts UPS and FedEx parcels for delivery to student boxes.  Use Street Addressing for accurate delivery of these parcels.

For more details and other services available (such as signature on file and real mail notification service), please contact Yale Station (203) 773-3454.

Incoming new students, first-years and transfers, must follow the mailing and shipping directions on the first-year site here.

More mail info for the upcoming year will be updated here, on Yale College’s new website.