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How do I make Course Changes?

Students should always give timely notification to their professor when withdrawing from a course, as they will not be notified otherwise. For section changes and course withdrawals, use a Course Change Notice form (see Forms above). For deadline purposes, the effective date will be the date the form is submitted, not the date it is approved. The University Registrar’s Office will apply a processing fee to your student account when you withdraw from a course. (There is no charge for section changes.)_


Where can I see my course changes?

Changes to your course registration can be viewed in the record in Degree Audit or Class History (the three dots at the top of the Degree Audit page).  Note that after Add/Drop period has ended OCS/YCS is static and you will not see registration changes there.  Likewise, Canvas is not always a reliable reflection of enrolled courses.
If a Course Change form was submitted after add/drop but changes do not yet appear on the record follow the progress of the form through the Dynamic Forms page (a confirmation message with the link is auto-generated once the form is submitted).  Please allow at least a week for processing a Course Change Notice, .  The weeks following add/drop period and before midterm and finals are particularly high-volume times for these changes and may take longer for processing.  The effective date will be the date the form is submitted, not the date it is approved._

How can I enroll in a Professional School Course for Yale College credit?

Academic regulations regarding the opportunity to seek enrollment in graduate and professional school course are provided in the Special Academic Arrangements section of the Academic Regulations and all students are encouraged to read these in advance of attempting any such courses.  It may be helpful to regard this is a process for requesting credit from an institution outside of Yale College.   
  • First, add the course to the registration worksheet or, if after add/drop closes, submit a Course Change Notice form (see Forms above). 
  • Next, if the course is in a professional school which has its own registration process, such as the School of Management, register through that school and confirm professor permission to enroll. 
  • Last, complete a Request to Enroll in A Professional School Course, or “Blue Form” (see Forms above).  Pay careful attention to the deadlines for blue form submission and carefully read the instructions at the top of the page when completing the form.

​Credit from a professional school course is not guaranteed and if a course will not yield any Yale College credit it will be removed from the student’s record (however a student may still audit the course with the instructor’s permission).  Students requesting to enroll in optional professional school courses should be sure to carry enough Yale College credits to meet the requirements for good academic standing for that term as set forth in the Academic Regulations section D. Promotion and Good Standing  without the professional school course.  A list of professional courses previously approved for credit is here._

Do I need to submit a “Blue Form” for a Graduate School Course: and how can I tell between a graduate and professional school course?

In a few rare cases a graduate school course will not yield Yale College credit, and you can find out more about those courses and what to do from the Registrar’s Office resource page: Enrolling in Graduate and Professional School Courses for Credit.  However, by and large if Yale College credit appears alongside the graduale-level course once added to the registration worksheet then  a Request to Enroll in A Professional School Course or “blue form” is not needed.  
  • N.B. In courses that have both an undergraduate section and a graduate section of the same class, ONLY the undergraduate section can count toward any distributional requirements atttributed to the undergraduate section of the course.  Avoid making this common mistake when deciding in which section to register. 
Students can familiarize themselves with the priviliges and restrictions affiliated with the opportinuity to enroll in graduate school courses provided in the Special Academic Arrangements section of the Academic Regulations._

How do I convert a grade mode from Letter to Credit/D/Fail?

All students are responsible for knowing the undergraduate regulations, including the limitations, around the Credit/D/Fail option (see Grades: Credit/D/Fail option) and should familiarize themselves with these prior to making any permanent grade changes.  At the start of each term, students enroll in all courses for a letter grade by default (unless otherwise dictated by the course).  Students can convert a grade mode from a letter grade to credit/D/fail electronically using the Hub in any Yale College course (other than those independent study courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis) before the deadline as published in the  Yale College Calendar with Pertinent Deadlines (typically before reading period begins).  This is a very hard deadline and, once the grade mode is converted this action cannot be undone (i.e. students can’t learn they earned an “A” and ask to receive the letter grade instead).  As the change change cannot be reversed think it through, go slow and make sure you choose the correct course to convert when making the change.  
  • Pro tip: Consider discussing your standing with the course instructor to have as much information to the degree possible before deciding whether to conver the grade.  Often students are surprised to learn they are doing better than they thought in a course.
Note that courses in the graduate and professional schools cannot be converted to Cr/D/F. After the deadline, election of the Credit/D/Fail option is not permitted.
Per the YCPS section on Grades, in a given term a student may elect as many as (but no more than) two course credits on the Credit/D/Fail basis; provided they also elect at least two course credits for letter grades or the mark of Pass. Once a student converts a course to the Credit/D/Fail mode, this change cannot be reversed, even if that action is sought before the deadline. If any of this is unclear please feel free to check with me before converting.  There are limits on the total number of courses a student may convert to Credit/D/Fail and apply toward the 36-credit requirement for the degree (see Grades, 3. Total number of course credits).
  • N.B. The confirmation that a grade mode has been changed to Cr/D/Fail is an automated response to the request and does not serve as Yale College approval.  Should a student be over the alloted number of credits that can be converted in a single term, or the total applied to the Yale College degree, the grade mode change can and will be reversed by the Univeristy Registrar’s Office.

Per the YCPS section on Honors, “marks of CR in courses taken on a Credit/D/Fail basis are not included in the calculation of grade point averages”. _

I may want to complete my degree requirements in fewer than eight terms (I may be interested in Accelerating), is this possible and what should I do?

First read the regulations about Acceleration Policies in the YCPS to begin to determine whether activating acceleration credits or the early accumulation of credits are an option for you.   Next, call McKenzie and schedule an appointment to meet with me.  Acceleration can be confusing and I can help you understand your options and the process. _

I need a verification of my enrollment at Yale, can you do that for me?

If you require an enrollment verification or an official transcript or see the registrar’s office website for request instructions._

How can I get an unofficial transcript?

Yale does not issue unofficial transcripts; however, you can print your own academic record from the Yale Hub under “Academics”.  You can save it as a .pdf to send as an attachment. _

How can I order an official transcript?

If you require an official transcript or an enrollment verification, see the registrar’s office website for request instructions._

I am applying to graduate/professional school and they have asked me for a Dean’s Certification or Disciplinary Check, can I send that to you?

Yes, please send it to my assistant at or electronic forms can be sent directly to me._

I took a non-Yale course and I would like to apply for transfer credit, how do I do that?

If you plan to transfer credits from outside Yale, please read more here. Afterwards, if you have questions about the process, you can direct them to McKenzie. Note that official transcripts must be sent directly to my office from the issuing institution before we can process your request. _

I took time away from Yale but my original class year is graduating and I’d like to participate, may I?

Yes, students have the option to “walk” or participate in the ceremony and college events of their original class.  All Yale College students are allowed only one opportunity to participate in commencement ceremonies, so choose wisely whether you want to walk with your original classmates or do so after you have earned your degree. Students cannot mix-and-match which activities they would like to participate in across years (i.e. you cannot go to the senior class events and the senior dinner of your original class and later “walk” in the Yale College ceremonies the following year when you officially receive the degree).  If you would like to “walk” in the spring, here is what you need to know: 

  • First, make sure you let me (CC McKenzie) know, either now or at the start of  the Spring term (but no later than mid-April) that you intend to “walk” in the commencement ceremony.
  • Next, to pay senior class dues and be added to the senior class events list follow the instructions on the Commencement Webpage here:  Colleges do not maintain these lists so if you are not receiving senior class events emails it is likely because dues have not yet been paid. 
  • Finally, in the spring we will send along the Walker Webform from the Commencement Office which students use to register with the Commencement Office and receive communications for students and families about commencement plans.
  • If your family would like to start making plans now, the Commencement webpage for families and guests is the best resource.
Please note that the Ezra Stiles College Dean’s office does not maintain the Walker Webform, communications from the Commencement Office, or Yale College Senior Activities and completing the Walker Webform form does not register students for senior activities. _

I’m on-track to complete my degree requirements in a Fall term: what should I know?

Yale College has a page specifically geared toward common questions that fall term completers.  Learn  more at