Clubs and Committees

There are many great opportunities to get involved in the residential life of Ezra Stiles.  Students who participate report an increased sense of connectedness and satisfaction from having a positive impact on their own experience as well as their peers.   From student employment opportunities (students should watch their email or inquire at the Head of College Office early in the semester) to various clubs and committees, there are numerous ways and levels in which to become engaged in our community.  And we are always open to new suggestions! 

Stiles Knitting Circle (SKC!)

Established in 2018, the Stiles Knitting Circle grew out of one student’s desire to share their enthusiasm for, and all the benefits of, this wonderfully creative, social, stress-relieving and meditative past-time.  Stilesians took to it in droves, knitting everything from headbands, hats and scarves to viking braids for Medieval (K)night!   Supplies, basic instruction and lots of encouragement are provided.  This past year the SKC gathered on Friday afternoons from 3:30-5 by the fireplace in the Common Room to share some tea, cookies and conversation while working on their projects.  Beginners welcome! 

Watch your email and the Stiles Facebook group for more information about upcoming meetings!


The Great Knit

To kick off Stiles Arts Week 2020, the Stiles Knitting Circle dared to do what many other knitters would not: to sit in the Stiles Common Room (the SKC home base) and knit for 12 hours! The goal? To take some time out of the normal, busy Yale day to just unwind and practice this mindful activity with the Stilesian family! Dozens attended this exciting knitting marathon, which was complete with pastries and tea, black and yellow yarn, custom knitting bags, and moose love by the fire!

Stiles Garden Council

The Stiles Garden Council broke ground on the courtyard edible garden in Fall 2018. Working in conjunction with Joe Signore of Yale Grounds, a dedicated group of students helped clear a spot in the courtyard flower beds and have now had a successful planting of both fall and spring crops. A summer planting is scheduled soon so that Stilesians will come back to campus and enjoy some things ready to harvest!  The Stiles Garden Club is another example of a community enhancing group that grew out of the interests and passion of our own students. Students really enjoy the chance to dig in the dirt, be outside and reap something wonderful from their efforts. 

There is also an annual bulb planting in the fall for all Stilesians to enjoy. 



Family visiting during Yale’s Family Weekend in Oct. 2019 helped with the usual Saturday work party, and successfully harvested 7+ pounds of tomatoes and other fresh goodies!