Art Gallery

Located across the hallway from the Common Room, the Ezra Stiles Art Gallery is a student-run space where Stilesians showcase their creative works to the rest of the college. If you would like to share your talent with the college, contact the student art gallery manager Annie Yan. 

Past Exhibitions

Going Away, Annie Yan, May 2024

Act of Spring, Issy Po & Martin Vakoc, May 2024

Dichotomy of Perspective, Jin Woo Park & Sheeline Yu, April 2024

Giving (Receiving) My All, Anh Nguyen, April 2024

Clasical Calamity Art Exhibition, Camila Young, April 2024

Moments of Stillness, Karen Lin, April 2024

Refuge in the Mountains, Rohan Wassink, April 2024

Summer to Fall, Issy Po, December 2023

Lost Persepctives, Mia Toledo-Navarro, December 2023

Every Nook & Cranny, Rose Bae, November 2023

The Wild Beach, Ula Solarz, October-November 2023

Noir Vintage: Jazzing Up - Local Business with Murals, Katelyn Wang & Johan Zongo, October 2023

Food for ThoughtDaniel J. Kim & Michelle M. Li, April 2022

Photographs, Fall 2021, New Haven, Leet Miller, December 2021

Metamorphosis, Ariel Kim, November 2021

Comfort During COVID, Karen Lin, October-November 2021

Threads Sewn, Seeds Sown, Vanessa Strait Constandse, October 2021


Lifescapes in Time, Tiana Wang (with Jack Adam), May 2020

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All Stiles Arts Week Exhibition, the Stiles community, February 2020

Hideous But Not Offensive, Molly Ono, January 2020

Dreams, Noah Rosinplotz, Sherrie Wang, Shreyas Raman, Yuka Saji, December 2019

Helical Scan, Brandon Canfield, November 2019

Two Men and a Truck, Harrison Smith, November 2019

Stiles Style Swap, a sustainability initiative led by Sustainability Rep Jamie Chan, October 2019

night wander before-dog, Bleu Wells, September 2019

Camden’s Blind Contour Drawing Night, Camden Smithro and Ezra Stiles students, September 2019


Seconds with Saarinen, Ezra Stiles Class of 2019, August 2019


Origin Stories, Harrison Smith and Jono Coles, April 2019


Moire Moire Moire Moire, Isabel Lee, April 2019


lunchbox!, Annie Cheng, March 2019


In the Interest of Openess, Molly Ono, February 2019

(de)positions: an homage to pantormo, Alejandro Nodarse with Alexandros Koutsogeorgas and Margaret Grabar Sage, January 2019


You can read more about the show here and learn more about the artist here.

Small Worlds, Lena Christakis, October 2018

Microcosm of a Microcosm; Stilesians Through the Lens: A Collection of Sophmoose Portraiture, Alec Zbornak and Jack Adam, October 2018


Irlanda, Molly Ono, September 2018

Photography, Jacqueline Hayre-Pérez, September 2018