Art Gallery


The Ezra Stiles Art Gallery is a space for students to show off their creative works. If you would like to share your talent with the college, contact the student art gallery manager Jack Adam

Past Exhibitions

Origin Stories, Harrison Smith and Jono Coles, April 2019


Moire Moire Moire Moire, Isabel Lee, April 2019


lunchbox!, Annie Cheng, March 2019


In the Interest of Openess, Molly Ono, February 2019

(de)positions: an homage to pantormo, Alejandro Nodarse with Alexandros Koutsogeorgas and Margaret Grabar Sage, January 2019


You can read more about the show here and learn more about the artist here.

Small Worlds, Lena Christakis, October 2018

Microcosm of a Microcosm; Stilesians Through the Lens: A Collection of Sophmoose Portraiture, Alec Zbornak and Jack Adam, October 2018


Irlanda, Molly Ono, September 2018

Photography, Jacqueline Hayre-Pérez, September 2018