Ezra Stiles Intramurals

The Yale Undergraduate Intramural program provides an outlet for athletic competition for the Yale community. It is designed for maximum participation: one will find high school varsity athletes competing on the same team as PE dropouts. Teams are organized through the residential colleges, allowing any student to play any one of the 30 sports. While the goal of most athletes is to win the Tyng Cup, the award for excellence, the goals of the program stress the community of the residential colleges, the values of sportsmanship and fair play, and the lessons learned through competitive sports. Intramurals@Yale
Stiles IMs are on a major upswing! After a slow start to fall 2023, we finished first overall in winter IMs and 5th overall for the entire 2023-24 year, led mostly by our enthusiastic younger moose.
For more information about Stiles IMs, feel free to email current IM secretaries Max JohnsonNatalie Haase, and Jake Hammerman.

Ezra Stiles Moose love competing against other residential colleges. Information about how to get involved is sent to Ezra Stiles students at the beginnning of every season. GFM!

Stiles senior, Cassandra Hsiao ‘22, writes about her experiences playing intramurals for the first time as a senior: https://admissions.yale.edu/bulldogs-blogs/cassandra/2021/11/21/senior-tries-intramural-sports-first-time-wins