Notable Alumni

Zoe Kazan ‘05, actress, writer, playwright

Alex Timbers ‘01, writer/director

Alexandra Robbins ‘98, journalist

Sara Gilbert ‘97, actress

Linda Jewell97, ambassador

Kevin Delaney ‘94, Editor-in-Chief, Quartz and former Editor-in-Chief,

David Levin92, KIPP Academy, Yale Honorary Degree

Nate Persily92, law professor

Anne E. Bernard ‘92 B.A., Reporter, New York Times, and Former Middle East Bureau Chief, Boston Globe

Ellen Barry ‘92 B.A., Moscow Bureau Chief, The New York Times and Pulitzer Prize Winner

Edward Norton ‘91, actor

Phil LaMarr ‘89, actor, comedian

Rob Sheffield88, writer and journalist

Dan Froomkin ‘85, journalist

Rebecca Miller ‘84, filmmaker, actress, author

Akhil Amar80, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale

Tom Steyer ‘79, hedge fund manager, philanthropist

Mark Linn-Baker ‘79, actor

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D - RI) ’78

Mark Dollhopf ‘77, Executive Director, AYA (2006-2015)

Paul J. Goldberger ‘72, Architecture Critic for The New Yorker and former Architecture Critic for The New York Times

Frances Beinecke ‘71

Mitch Kapor ‘71, founding chair of Mozilla, founder of Lotus

Norward Wilner70, attorney

Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalyrmple (R - ND) ’70

Congressman Lamar Smith (R - TX) ‘69

Congressman John Yarmuth (D - KY) ‘69

Lloyd Kaufman69, filmmaker

Bob Woodward ‘65, journalist

Hon. Barrington D. Parker65 B.A., 69 LL.B. Former Federal Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and former Yale Corporation Member

Robert Kaiser64, Washington Post editor

David Gergen ‘63, 96 M.A.H

Paul Bremer ‘63, Diplomat