First-Year Counselors

Daisy Ramos

Daisy is an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major hailing from McFarland, California. At Yale, she is deeply involved (obsessed?) with residential life, working as a Head of College Aide, serving as Secretary of the Ezra Stiles College Council, and as a member of the Student Activities Committee. When not in Stiles, you can usually find her on the soccer field or by the taco truck. Although a loyal west-coaster at heart (#bestcoast), she has studied abroad in Spain, India, Brazil, and Senegal during her three years at Yale. Above all, though, she is ecstatic to help welcome the new class of Stilesians to (objectively) the best college on campus!

Genevieve Simmons

Genevieve is a Cognitive Science major from the Bay Area, California, who loves the performing arts and therefore created a theme for her major centered around Music Cognition, but also works in a neuroscience lab focusing on craving, addiction, and mindfulness. She took a semester off to couchsurf around Europe playing the violin, and then took another off to study Japanese, but had to come back to campus for the intramural games and to hang with Maria in the dining hall. Catch her tutoring at the New Haven jail, playing capoeira down State St, or meditating at the Sangha in whatever free time is left!

Kinsley McNulty

Kinsley McNulty is an Ethnicity, Race and Migration major hailing from Yonkers, New York. While at Yale, Kinsley has found a few different homes away from home on campus. He’s been a part of the a cappella community through the group Shades since his first year on campus, and now serves on the Singing Group Council. In addition, he’s also found his place as a part of Black Church at Yale’s leadership team and worship team. On top of his involvement in BCAY, Kinsley has also found family in his involvement with Yale Students for Christ. In his free time, Kinsley loves writing, cooking, photography, drawing, and plans to pursue acting endeavors in his final year at Yale. Above all else though, he’s excited to be a FroCo for the upcoming year and meet the class of 2021!

Harper Loonsk

Harper Loonsk grew up in North Carolina, Georgia, and Washington, DC. She is an Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major with a passion for promoting refugee resettlement and ending immigrant detention who spent her sophomore summer studying in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and junior spring at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. At Yale she is a rider on the equestrian team and former co-president of the Yale Refugee Project. You’ll most likely find Harper working (or causing havoc) in the Ezra Stiles office, eating chickpeas on toast in the Stiles dining hall, or en route to New Haven’s resettlement office or a horse stables. She is excited to meet the new class of Stilesians and to welcome them to Ezra Stiles and Yale in the fall!

Patrick Demkowicz

Patrick Demkowicz was born and raised in Farmington, Connecticut. A biomedical engineering student, he plans to pursue a career in medicine after Yale. On campus, he serves as the Co-President of TEDxYale, conducts systems biology research, volunteers in the social services department of HAVEN Free Clinic, works for Yale Emergency Medical Services, and engages in the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies as a Director’s Fellow in Domestic Policy. The son of Polish immigrants, he remains connected to his cultural roots through the Polish Students’ Society at Yale. Patrick spent his first two summers performing genomics research, first at The Jackson Laboratory and then at Genentech Research and Early Development. This past summer, he interned on the health policy staff of the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. He looks forward to meeting the Stiles Class of 2021!

Kate Rosenberg

Kate Rosenberg is a Linguistics major from Chappaqua, NY. At Yale, she does linguistics research and leads a troop of New Haven Girl Scouts, as well as teaching ESL and bleeding black and yellow for Ezra Stiles on the intramural fields. In her free time, Kate loves to read, crochet, and watch superhero movies, and can usually be found doing one of those things in the Stiles common room. She is excited to be a FroCo and can’t wait to meet the Class of 2021!

Spencer Munroe

Spencer is a Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology major (MCDB or Bio for short). He was born and raised in New Haven and is happy to answer questions you have about the city. He enjoys skating on his longboard and it is secondary mode of transportation besides walking. Spencer also enjoys playing FIFA, so much in fact that he is the best on campus and is open to any challengers. On campus Spencer is in the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) and the Black Men’s Union. He really enjoys intramurals, particularly basketball and soccer, and encourages everyone to come out and support Stiles. Finally and almost most important of all, he really likes Arethusa ice cream and is always happy to go with any and everybody.

Phoebe Chatfield

Phoebe grew up outside of Boston, but has come to love New Haven and call it home as well! Studying Environmental Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Phoebe is passionate about the intersections between climate change and social issues. As well as her work in sustainability and advocacy, Phoebe loves spending time in New Haven’s many coffee shops and attending student performances - a cappella, spoken word, improv - bring it on! Favorite pastimes include cooking, hiking, and watching Parks and Recreation reruns.  A little known fact is that she spent a summer as a canoe instructor in Maine, where she saw six real live moose!! It only served to increase her Stiles Pride (Go Moose!) and she’s beyond excited to meet the Stiles Class of 2021!