Click on the links below for more information about fellowships available for students in Ezra Stiles College:

The Mellon Senior Forum

Mellon research funding helps seniors meet expenses for senior essays and projects.
The grant stipulates that recipients must present their research to Mellon Senior Forum.  The Mellon Senior Forum meets roughly every two weeks throughout the year and provides an opportunity for seniors to get together with their classmates to share senior work-in-progress, and to enjoy a nice catered meal. Details about the process for joining the Mellon Senior Forum are emailed to seniors early fall semester.
If it is decided that you will receive funding, you will need to submit a summary report to the Head of College before the end of classes in April.   

Ezra Stiles College has two summer fellowships for which priority is given to applicants from Ezra Stiles: the John E. Linck & Alanne Headland Linck Fellowship and The Gary Stein Fellowship.

The John E. Linck & Alanne Headland Linck Fellowship is awarded for an internship or project of personal educational value or humanitarian service to others. 
Eligibility: Normally, but not exclusively, for Juniors.
Eligible Purposes: Community/Public Service; Internship/Work; Project; Research; Study Abroad
For more information, please see the Student Grants Database

The Gary Stein Fellowship is awarded to a Yale undergraduate for a project of research aimed at bringing about scientific, social, or educational practical effects and is for independent research conducted during the summer. 

For more information, please see the Student Grants Database.

The Richter Fellowship

The Richter Fellowship is awarded through each college for independent study or research.  For information about how to apply for this fellowship, please go to the Student Grant Database.