First-Year Counselors 2020-21

First-Year Counselors (FroCos)

The First-Year Counselor Program “affords first-year students access to experienced, mature, and knowledgeable members of the senior class. The program selects exceptional seniors to live among first-year students on Old Campus or in residential colleges and offer oversight, advice, and guidance. First-Year Counselors, colloquially known as ‘FroCos,’ seek to ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College.”

Ezra Stiles has 8 FroCos, who are proud Stilesians with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences in their time as undergraduates. They are beyond excited to be working with the newest class of first-year moose, living with them this year within Stiles and meeting them remotely.

Bessie Bauman

Bessie hails from Olathe, Kansas, and she is very proud to be a Kansan. Bessie is majoring in Economics because she cares deeply about issues affecting low-income communities and hopes to dedicate her career to ensuring economic stability for all. During her time at Yale, Bessie has coordinated the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, led the Ezra Stiles College Council, and worked as an Academic Strategies Mentor and Head of College Office Aide. When not in classes or enjoying extracurriculars, Bessie can be found frequenting various coffee shops or chatting in the dining hall way too long with friends. Bessie is so excited to welcome the Class of 2024 to the fantastic Ezra Stiles community and to share lots of her uproarious laughter with them over the next year!

Sofia Bliek

Sofia hails from Vernon, a small Connecticut suburb an hour north of New Haven. At Yale, she studies psychology and loves working with dogs at the Comparative Cognition Laboratory. Though she’s not a morning person, you can often catch Sofia up early training with her fellow midshipmen in NROTC or lifting with the women’s rugby team. The Stiles community is also near and dear to her heart, and when she’s not ordering Chandlers at the buttery or napping on the couches in the common room, you can find her on the IM fields. She is excited to return to Lawrance Hall (and to have a meal plan again after living off campus) and extends the warmest of welcomes to the Class of 2024!

Marty Chandler

Having grown up in the suburbs of Seattle, Marty loves coffee, the rain, and the trees. A double major in Theater Studies and Psychology, Marty loves how his interests inform his playwriting. In addition to being a froco, this year Marty is excited to work on his thesis in devised/experimental theater. Besides theater, Marty loves Star Wars, 80s music, yoga, dogs, baking, Parks and Rec, vines, Catan, and ICE CREAM.
In his time at Yale, Marty has spent a majority of it in Stiles, working in the Stiles Head of College Office, enjoying the sunlight in the dining hall, and leading the Stiles Knitting Circle, which he founded in his sophomore year. His favorite Stiles traditions include Arts Week and Medieval (K)night, and he loves hanging in the Moose Butt and ordering the best menu item, the ‘Chandler.’
One of the most important things to Marty is comedy! On campus, he performs improv with his group Lux Improvitas, does stand-up, is a staff writer for the Yale Record, and someday, he hopes to be on SNL.
A proud QuestBridge Scholar and FGLI student, and former FOCUS participant and leader, Marty is grateful to have found a home at Yale and in New Haven. He loves getting to know others over coffee, walks, and late-night chats, and he’s excited to get to know (and share the Moose Love!) with the Class of 2024!

Aivy Duong

Aivy is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major who hails from the Bay Area (West Coast, best coast). She is also pursuing a Master’s degree via Yale’s dual BA-BS/MPH program, so she will stay at Yale for a fifth year to receive her Master’s in Public Health Degree with a concentration in Health Care Management. With a passion for public health, Aivy hopes to reduce health disparities and eventually attend medical school.

On campus, she is an active member of the dance community, having been the President of Danceworks, Rehearsal Manager for Steppin’ Out, and Co-Executive Director of the Alliance for Dance at Yale. She continues to choreograph for Danceworks as she enjoys working and growing with people who come from a variety of dance backgrounds. Needless to say, she really enjoys dancing and considers it therapeutic as well as a wonderful form of artistic expression.

When she’s not dancing, you can find her working in the Ezra Stiles Head of College Office. Aivy also spends her time working in a neurobiology research lab that studies the correlation between addiction disorders and the gut microbiome. In the past, she has also served on the board of the Vietnamese Students’ Association as well as the Yale College Council.

In her spare time, Aivy enjoys spending time with friends, which usually involves having rom-com movie nights. She always loves connecting with people on campus, so Aivy is looking forward to getting to know the incoming Moose. She is so excited to welcome the Class of 2024 to the wonderful community of Stiles (which is, objectively, the best residential college)! 

Cove Geary

Cove grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana. As a Cognitive Science major, he enjoys studying how people and computers think, especially as it relates to issues of technology and society. In serving as a FOOT leader, as part of the Climbing Team and of Yale Outdoors, and as a leader of the Outdoor Climbing Club, Cove is passionate about making outdoor activities and spaces more accessible to everyone. He has also found a home away from home in Ezra Stiles College, and loves working with the Student Activities Committee, as a House Aide, and in various other moosey schemes—ahem, working groups. Outside of Stiles, you might catch Cove campus-dogspotting, playing the piano, or cooking plant-based foods. Some of Cove’s dearest times at Yale, however, have been the moments-between-moments with fellow Moose, and he is so excited to spend the next year alongside the Class of 2024. GFM! (By this he means, welcome to Stiles!)

Jaeger Johnson

Jaeger is a big fan of his home state of Florida, and is even a bigger fan of his hometown of Port St. Lucie (known to friends as “the pit stop of Florida”). When he is away from his first home, he can be found in the dining hall in his second home of Stiles. But be warned: Jaeger will spend the entire three hours of dinner catching up with you because he loves chatting!

If you can’t find Jaeger in the dining hall, though, you will find him in the Stiles library or in the Head of College Office, munching on the pink Starburst (the best one). Jaeger loves talking to Kathy, Marc, and McKenzie, always getting involved in some aspect of the Stiles community.

Jaeger has spent his time at Yale taking every science class imaginable and singing at the St. Thomas More Chapel at Yale. He has also recently become involved in theatre, and hopes this semester he can set design a show! He has taken his love of chemistry and evolutionary biology to study fossilization at the molecular level. If you see dinosaurs running around Stiles, it’s best not to ask questions.

Although he has new interests every day, Jaeger has kept up with his old hobbies, like reading for fun, doing anything with music, and cooking. He loves reading everything: from evolutionary biology, to culinary, to (unashamedly) Percy Jackson. If Jaeger isn’t singing or baking, you can find him reading Latin texts or on the virtuoso of animals! 

Jaeger is so excited to meet you all and laugh (a little too hard) at your jokes! To the Ezra Stiles Class of 2024: Welcome to the herd!

Marisa Peryer

Marisa hails from Syracuse, New York, where she has battled the cold and snow all her life. At any given moment on campus, Marisa can be found editing the Yale Daily News, socializing in the Stiles buttery or studying at Willoughby’s on York (the uncontested best cafe on campus). She studies the history of science and medicine, and her journalism work has mostly focused on health with a smattering of political reporting, photography and podcasting. On campus, she is a born-again premed juggling her editorship of the Yale Daily News Magazine with freelance reporting and taking photos of Yale for the Dean’s Office. The Stiles community is her favorite part of life at Yale, and she is so excited to meet the Class of 2024! 

Ben Zhou

Ben is a proud Stilesian hailing from New Providence, NJ! At Yale, Ben majors in Economics, concentrating in health policy and healthcare economics. Outside of classes, Ben spends his time conducting research on Medicaid with the Yale School of Public Health, volunteering with Yale Alzheimer’s Buddies, and exploring his faith with the on-campus ministry UCW. 

When Ben isn’t in Bass Library doing schoolwork and studying, you can find him playing ping pong in the game room with his suitemates, enjoying the sunshine (or snow) in one of Yale’s many courtyards, or watching sitcoms in his suite. Ben loves to cook (ask for home cooked meals in the student kitchen and you will receive), to listen to music (loves Frank Ocean), and to watch soccer (COYG).

Ben would like to extend a warm welcome to our Moose family. He’s excited to meet all of you and grow together, and he can’t wait to spend next year with the Stiles Class of 2024!