First-Year Counselors 2021-22

First-Year Counselors (FroCos)

The First-Year Counselor Program “affords first-year students access to experienced, mature, and knowledgeable members of the senior class. The program selects exceptional seniors to live among first-year students on Old Campus or in residential colleges and offer oversight, advice, and guidance. First-Year Counselors, colloquially known as ‘FroCos,’ seek to ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College.”

Ezra Stiles has 11 FroCos, who are proud Stilesians with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences in their time as undergraduates. They are beyond excited to be working with the newest class of first-year moose, living with them this year within Stiles and meeting them remotely.

Kimberly Abarca

Kim was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She loves being in a city and the sunny weather. While she is a Political Science major her interests lie in International Relations specifically in foreign policy and human rights. Kim’s parents are from El Salvador and moved to the U.S during the country’s civil war. It is her parent’s story that motivates her to engage in human rights on a global level. In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with her friends and creating memories! She also loves cooking, baking, and shopping. She’s also a huge proponent of self care nights involving music, fairy lights, and face masks. Kim is a proud QuestBridge and Gates scholar as well as a FGLI student and is more than happy to guide first-years to the many resources Yale has to offer. Kim is excited to welcome and meet the Class of 2025!

Zach Alvarez

Proudly hailing from North Hollywood, California (West Coast Best Coast), Zach is a fan of sun, sea, and immaculate vibes. After trying out some other subjects, he has settled on majoring in the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. On campus, he has involved himself with the Chaplain’s Office through service as a Chaplaincy Fellow; speaking of the Chaplain’s Office, stop by sometime for some delicious ice cream or Swedish Fish. He has also involved himself in Yale’s competing quiz bowl team, both as a member and as its treasurer for the past two years. When he’s not memorizing random bits of information about the Defenestrations of Prague or Mondrian’s lozenge paintings, he likes to hang out with his suitemates or frequent some of the many cafes around New Haven (props to Fussy Coffee). 

In his spare time, he likes to travel and wishes to one day venture to each of the country’s National Parks. One of the perks of his indecisiveness and desire to wander is that he loves to learn and experience new things. That’s why he’s thrilled to meet all of the awesome Stiles Class of 2025, and learn all he can from them. GFM!

Reta Behnam

Reta was born in Baghdad, Iraq but has lived in sunny San Diego for the majority of her life. She is majoring in psychology on the neuroscience track and hopes to apply to medical school in the spring. At Yale, you can find her working with Kesem at Yale, volunteering at Yale New Haven Hospital, conducting research in the CANDLab, and working in the Ezra Stiles Head of College Office. When not studying, volunteering, or working you can spot Reta on runs around New Haven, exploring new coffee shops and restaurants, or baking in the student kitchen- if you ever need coffee or cookies she’s on it. Reta is a proud QuestBridge Scholar and FGLI student and she cherishes the community she has found at Yale and especially in Stiles. She is so excited to welcome the ES Class of 2025 to the best residential college at Yale and cannot wait to see how they all grow and flourish this year.

Neo Khan

Neo is a citizen of the world (or at least the East Coast of America). He’s from Broward County, Florida, but has lived in Stafford, Virginia, and New Haven, Connecticut. Neo is majoring in Computing and the Arts, so he’s always making websites in case you are ever in need of one. Neo is usually playing games in his room or out on Hillhouse Avenue on a walk to spot any dogs on the street that he can look at and possibly pet. If you ever see Neo, he’ll probably have his headphones on thinking of his next dance choreography piece that he will never show anyone, but just know that they exist and he’s still working on one even though it’s been 3 years. Neo loves to play board games and eat food in the dining hall since that is basically his second home. Neo cannot wait to meet all of the first years and introduce them to all of the wonders of New Haven!

Madeline Marconi

I am an Architecture major from Long Island, New York. As a student in the design track of the major, I am always ready to discuss architecture, as well as the rigorous design process that fuels its creation. Within the architecture major, I am especially passionate about bringing greater diversity and inclusivity to a primarily white and eurocentric field. Outside of my major, I take joy in studying new languages; as a former Light Fellow and Co-Chair of the Light Fellowship’s Student Advisory Committee, I am especially interested in East Asian languages, particularly Korean. During my time at Yale, I also worked as a Writing Partner in Yale’s Poorvu center and played viola with the Berkeley-Saybrook Chamber Players. When I’m not running around between these extracurricular activities and class, you can find me in the Stiles common room or buttery, usually chatting away with friends. I have shared many of my fondest Yale memories with friends in Stiles, which I am incredibly thankful for. The Stiles community has been such an integral part of my Yale experience, and I am so excited to welcome the Class of 2025 to Yale and the Moose herd!

Anna G. Rullán Buxó

Anna is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she enjoyed a childhood filled with trips to the beach. As a Chemistry major, she spends a lot of time in Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, where she also does research on photochemical processes at the air-water interface (in collaboration with the Johnson Lab). During her time at Yale, Anna has been very involved with the international community, both as an OIS counselor and an OISS Peer Liaison, and has studied abroad twice! At Yale, she’s also worked at the Yale Center for British Art, the Ezra Stiles buttery (GFM!), as a peer tutor for CHEM 163 (twice!) and CHEM 167, and as a STARS II fellow. She’s also worked to establish a mentorship program for underrepresented groups in STEM (ask her about it if you’re interested- she’s always glad to give advice about STEM at Yale!). 

When she’s not working with international students or deepening her knowledge of chemistry, you can find her dancing in Danceworks, crocheting, listening to music a little bit too loudly in her headphones, practicing the cello, or jamming with her friends. She’s extremely excited to meet all of the Class of 2025 and introduce them to the Stiles community!

Juma Sei

Juma is a junior American Studies major from Sierra Leone by way of Portland, OR. If you don’t believe that Portland is the best city in the country’s best state, you can stop reading now, respectfully <3 

Informed by a nomadic upbringing across the United States, Sierra Leone, and China, Juma studies the nexus of American citizenship and how this promise has fallen flat for so many within our national bounds. Though, like most Yalies, Juma’s part of far too many on-campus organizations, his favorite extracurriculars generally concern writing, tutoring and community-building. 

When Juma’s not in class or meetings, you’ll most often find him competing with Yale’s varsity track and field team—being a 400m specialist makes him an expert on love-hate relationships. In his free time, Juma loves watching movies (annoying his friends with unnecessary analysis), listening to music (check out his student radio show @downtimewybc) and enlightening the world to its little-known truths (ex. left Twix or nothing; nectarines are the best fruit; sour patch kids ranking: blue/red, orange, green, yellow).

Camden Smithtro

Camden (she/they) comes from Monterey, California (west coast best coast!), though she has also lived in Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Virginia, and Nebraska. As an Environmental Studies major, they enjoy thinking about the structures of food and labor systems, and the ways people interact with those systems. One of their favorite places at Yale is the Yale Farm, where Camden works writing newsletters for the communications team, harvesting lettuce, and making delicious wood fired pizza. Please ask for a tour! That said, Ezra Stiles College holds the biggest place in her heart. Camden has worn a lot of hats in Stiles, from buttery worker to student kitchen manager to house aide to SAC member, but is most excited to put on the froco hat next! They’re looking forward to a year full of food, laughs, jam sessions, and time spent getting to know you, the class of 2025. Welcome to Stiles!

Eugene Thomas

Eugene Thomas (he/him) is a very proud New Yorker from Manhattan majoring in Mechanical Engineering and receiving a certificate in Statistics and Data Science. During his time at Yale, Eugene has been involved with organizations on campus including the Black Solidarity Conference at Yale (BSC) and BlackOut (Yale’s Black Queer Affinity Group that was revived by our fellow Senior Moose EC Mingo). Also, this past year, he served as the co-president of the Urban Improvement Corps at Yale (a one-on-one tutoring and mentorship program with New Haven public school students) and as co-president of Yale Funbotics (a robotics initiative for New Haven middle schoolers). 

When he’s not working diligently on MechE problem sets in the CEID or at board meetings for his extracurriculars, he could be found at the Yale University Faboratory conducting soft robotics research or in his suite listening to music (Lorde, Hozier, music from Phineas and Ferb, Playboi Carti, and Fiona Apple) watching reality TV (ask him about Dance Moms). 

In Ezra Stiles College, Eugene could be found at the dining hall talking to his friends for way too long, enjoying the delicious pizza (that’s far superior to any other residential college), or doing work after hours while enjoying a buffalo chicken quesadilla from the buttery. The Stiles Community is one of Eugene’s favorite parts of his Yale experience, and he’s so excited to meet the Stiles Class of 2025! GFM!

Macrina Wang

Hailing from the sunny island of Singapore, Macrina is an English and Political Science double major studying postcolonial literature, data governance and the rise of nationalism. She likes chicken tenders, Loose Leaf’s matcha and should spend less time on Twitter.

On campus, she can usually be found writing and performing with her sketch comedy group, The Good Show. The Stiles cohort that attends their shows is infamously the most supportive! She is also an active member of the journalism community as co-editor in chief of the Yale Daily News Magazine and one of the managing editors of the Yale Herald. As a student guide at the Yale Center for British Art, she delivers tours on direct gaze in British portraiture a few times each semester, and believes the museum is one of the most beautiful places on campus.

She is so proud to be a Stilesian. From Fiesta Fridays to Medieval (K)night, Stiles does so much to foster community, and she can’t wait for the Class of 2024 to join this incredible community and make it their own. Welcome to the Herd, Class of 2025! GFM.

Ariel Zhang

Ariel is a Psychology and Applied Math major from Maryland, the home of the best state flag and Old Bay. When she’s not despairing over a math pset, she can be found cooking, studying at the nearest boba shop, or trying out another new restaurant. Though always down to explore and will always rally to go on early morning hikes or beach trips, Ariel is definitely more of a night owl. 

On campus, Ariel is the president of the esports club and heavily involved in the Asian American Cultural Center as a former PL. In Stiles, she can always be found sitting in the buttery lining up for yet another buffalo chicken quesadilla and a scoop of cookie dough or getting destroyed in ping pong. 

Ariel is so excited to meet the Class of 2025 and spend late nights at duty, grabbing snacks in between classes, and laugh together! Most of all, Ariel just wants to say welcome to the Moose Herd :)