First-Year Counselors 2023-24

First-Year Counselors (FroCos)

The First-Year Counselor Program “affords first-year students access to experienced, mature, and knowledgeable members of the senior class. The program selects exceptional seniors to live among first-year students on Old Campus or in residential colleges and offer oversight, advice, and guidance. First-Year Counselors, colloquially known as ‘FroCos,’ seek to ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College.”

Ezra Stiles has 8 FroCos from diverse backgrounds and unique experiences in their time as undergraduates. They are beyond excited to be working with the newest class of first-year moose, and living with them in beautiful Lawrance Hall on Old Campus!

Ahmed Alananzeh

My name is Ahmed Alananzeh! I am a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health at Yale University. I like to read, work on cars, hang out with friends, and work out for fun. I am very excited to be a Stiles FroCo this year!

Richard Cardoso

Richard is a first generation college student from Texas but with roots in Guanajuato and the Ciudad de México! As a Latin American Studies and Global Affairs major, Richard’s academic focus at Yale has been on the history, politics, and economics of Mexican migration to the United States. This past summer he spent time researching for his thesis in Chiapas, México and studying Japanese language and media in Kyoto, Japan. His research is an oral history project on the effects of remittances on communal organization and social status on different communities around San Cristóbal, Chiapas. He also conducted research for the Economic Growth Center where he helped develop a database on the origins and destinations of migrants during colonial times within the Spanish empire. On campus, Richard loves to write spoken word poetry with ¡Oyé!, dance with Ballet Folklorico, and is a fellow for the Chaplain’s office. Outside of the Yale bubble, he loves to try food and coffee around New Haven with his girlfriend (favorite restaurant is bbq-Chicken and top place for coffee is Jitterbus), talk about anything related to Star Wars or Marvel, watch tik-toks, and listen to music (favorite genre right now is Latin Alternative & Indie). He is beyond excited to meet the newest class of froshmoose and welcome them to Stiles!

Alana Fahey

Alana grew up in Melrose, Massachusetts, a small suburb north of Boston. She studies History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health, and is also interested in nonfiction writing. Former manager of the Moose Butt and secretary of ESCC, Alana loves all things Stiles. When she’s not hanging out in the courtyard or the buttery, you can find her working at the Medical Historical Library, volunteering on campus, or taking a walk along Hillhouse Avenue. 

In her free time, Alana loves hiking, singing, and getting ice cream with her friends. She can’t wait to meet all the frosh in August. Welcome to the herd!! <3

Nayeli Gonzalez Vazquez

Born and half raised in Cayey, Puerto Rico and the other half in the South (think Alabama, Texas, etc.), Nayeli (she/her) is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major on the pre-med track. Her interests lie in early childhood development, reproductive health, and the social and structural impacts of health. 

When not grumbling up Science Hill for her classes, Nayeli is at the library checking out books for her history classes or at the Ezra Stiles Head of College office working as an office aide. (Make sure to stop by at the office for some candy and moose fun!) Nayeli volunteers as a medical interpreter at the HAVEN Free Clinic’s Reproductive Health Department, is pursuing a Master of Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health, and is a part of campus Greek life. When she’s not working or studying, Nayeli’s in Bible study, at one of the many Yale museums, or on FaceTime with her friends and family. She’s always down to try out a new restaurant or take a study break at an ice cream shop and will jump at the opportunity to do a paint-by-numbers while watching a Rom-Com. Nayeli is excited for her senior year at Yale and can’t wait to meet the new generation of Stiles students who will get to learn that Stiles really is the best residential college. 

Mofeed Nagib

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Mofeed (he/him) is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Statistics & Data Science. On campus, he is involved in a variety of clubs, including Code Haven, Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad, and Bulldogs Racing. Additionally, Mofeed serves as an undergraduate learning assistant and conducts machine learning research at the Yale School of Public Health. In his free time, he enjoys working out at Payne Whitney Gym, hiking East Rock, and hanging out in the buttery. Mofeed is beyond excited to meet all the frosh in the fall and to welcome them to the Stiles community!

Ava Saylor

Originally from Yucaipa, CA, Ava (she/her) is a Political Science major and Education Studies Scholar. When she isn’t studying school segregation in post-conflict societies, you can catch her in one of Yale’s creative writing courses. 

On campus, Ava works at the law school, writes for student publications, makes movies, and teaches swim lessons with SNUGS. The way to her heart is through a London Fog, but she also loves comedy shows, hammocks, impromptu jam sessions, and strange trinkets. 

Lose her? Try Fussy Coffee, the Good Life Center, or the sunny perch on Cross Campus. Chances are, she’ll be resting at one of these spots, blasting music through her giant, noise-canceling, stickered headphones. But don’t be shy—she’s always looking for someone to join in!

Stiles has been the absolute best home for Ava, and she is so excited to share it with all of you. GFM!!!


Owen Tucker-Smith

Owen (he/him) is originally from Western Massachusetts, but he’s found a second home in New Haven. He’s a statistics and data science major who tries to take an English class each semester. He loves the journalism community at Yale — from the tons of enthusiastic student publications to classes offered through the Yale Journalism Initiative. Owen has spent a lot of his time at Yale reporting and editing, especially stories about New Haven.
When he’s not coding a data visualization for class or reading a good story, you can find Owen exploring the Elm City’s plethora of running routes with Yale’s club running team. He’s always in search of the perfect cold brew and bagel, and he loves nothing more than spending an afternoon sprawled out in the Ezra Stiles courtyard, pretending to do homework and soaking up the sun. He can’t wait to meet the Stiles class of ‘27!

Anna Zhang

Anna (she/her) is from San Mateo, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Yale, she studies computer science but is also interested in psychology, AI, and conservation/sustainability. She’s an active member of the dance community on campus, dancing with both Rhythmic Blue and Danceworks. She’s been involved in a variety of clubs on campus ranging from Code Haven to Design for America to Women and Gender Minorities in CS to GREEN. 

In her free time, Anna loves any form of arts & crafts whether it’s crocheting or painting or drawing, so you can always ask her to do crafts together. She’s also an avid thrifter and nature lover! If you are excited about repping Stiles in IMs, you can most certainly find her at the IM volleyball games. She is so beyond excited to meet all of the frosh in the fall and to welcome them to the Herd <3